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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: liamgrantham96


PowerPoint Presentation: Working with AFTER EFFECTS By Liam Grantham Member of BFP-Blind Feline Productions PowerPoint Presentation: In our production, in making a Thriller genre it was vital in ensuring that we could operate a specific programme that could design the titles and provide the selected transitions that we would need to make our production look Professional as well as realistic. With this in mind we decided to use Adobe’s After Affects . T he only other Adobe software we had used in the past being Photoshop , this made it very hard to use even with the basic skills we may have picked up the previous years such as Layers. However during the production task we learnt that this was a lot more advanced techniques we need to pick up on. Adobe TV helped us identify the key elements and basic skills to get us up and running with the scale factors etc. PowerPoint Presentation: B A S I C S… Some of the least important credits, may of not need as much editing as other major credits. So in the early stages of animating specific text we can use the guidelines Adobe give us which we se in this video This video goes through the basics in adding the basic animations already given on the Adobe software to help you present a quick task. Although some of them as seen in the video such as Spirals may be ‘cheesy’ there are some that could be very useful for Blind Feline’s presentation. PowerPoint Presentation: P roblems The early stages of using After Effects, we found that this was the most difficult software to use. With the scales very hard to adjust and work in your way. However with the help of Adobe TV and endless YouTube clips we found that there was a solution in making this software work in our favour. Using Adobe.TV helped us work out some of the basic animations of text In this video we see how to add handwriting type stroke on our text as well as the basic skills in up loading the text in a easier manner than we would have presumed. An additional point that has been made in this video was how to inflict a panning shot of the text that would ensure out production to look as realistic as possible. PowerPoint Presentation: The footage given here, is slightly more advanced than the previous slide as we are now dealing with a 3-D animations. However this video was more beneficial in some aspects for Blind Feline Productions as it was in the format of an Apple Mac which is the same device we shall be using when constructing similar texts, meaning that we could associate what the editor was doing in the clip and add it into our work. The interesting features carried out in this video was the lighting techniques he used t make it look more advanced in the 3D detail creating a more visual view on the production task. PowerPoint Presentation: As well as the text being styled, we have also got to think of the effects that can make the transitions more developed and finalised. In the following video; we see a effect added to the text to make a shinning star sequence move along the text by using specific layers. In doing so make each letter stand out from the rest. This idea wouldn’t be valid for the small credits such as director or producer but would be very essential and spot on for the production name- ‘Blind Feline’ adding class to the name that you would normally se with production company names such as ‘Dream works’ and ‘Warner Brothers’ PowerPoint Presentation: As well as this when it com to looking at the lighting of the text the following video helped a lot; In the video it is how the editor adds in very useful lighting to the text giving it more creation, with this in mind ‘Blind Feline’ could make more connotations though text with the background lighting for instance our lighting could provide a purple touch to make connotate the chemical welfare we are giving off in the production that vigorously explores the science aspect. PowerPoint Presentation: Once again, the research we have gathered could prove to be very useful with techniques used in videos such as; that represent an effect that makes you initial background be the background or texture on your actual text. In this case the editor has used a fur base with very rugged edges to give a wild side in the same way Blind Feline productions could use a science type background such as Bubbles to once again represent the science theme we are illustrating in our production task.

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