After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

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Information about After Breast Reconstruction Surgery
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Published on February 19, 2014

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After DIEP flap breast reconstruction, it is advisable to relax for a week or more. Your doctor will also prescribe medicines so that your pain is controlled.

After Breast Reconstruction Surgery Breast reconstruction is provided for women who have had a mastectomy and wish to have their breast restored. This reconstructive procedure is a safe and effective one and must necessarily be provided by a reliable and experienced plastic surgeon. Reconstruction using breast implants and DIEP flap breast reconstruction are the two techniques commonly utilized. The latter technique involves the use of your own tissue and in this a flap comprising skin, fat and blood vessels is taken from the abdomen and transferred to the chest wall to create a breast mound. Once you have undergone DIEP flap breast surgery, it is always advisable to relax for a week or more. Your doctor will prescribe medicines so that your pain is controlled. Here are some important things to note regarding breast reconstruction surgery. With breast reconstruction surgery, normal feeling may not be restored immediately to the breasts. It is expected that some feeling may be restored over a number of years. It may take weeks for the swelling and bruising to disappear. So, try to be calm and patient during the recovery period. The scars that are left after the surgery may take some time to disappear. Ask your surgeon from when you can start wearing a normal bra. Also, consult your doctor about the right type of bra that you can wear. It is quite important that you choose a good quality of bra so that the shape and size of your breast are maintained. Follow the suggestions given by your surgeon on when to start stretching and other exercises. Do not hit the gym as soon as you are back home. You can return to your 6400 Fannin, Suite 2290, Houston, TX 77030 Phone: 713-791-0700

normal day to day activities according to the surgeon’s advice. Avoid overhead lifting and other strenuous activities. If possible, you can arrange external help for all your domestic works till you are completely fine. Also, you must keep in mind that the recovery period may vary from person to person. The medicine prescribed by your doctor must be strictly followed for speedy and uncomplicated recovery. You may experience some pain after the surgery but your surgeon will give you the best medications to control the pain. If you see lumps, swelling, skin changes, or fluid from the breast/donor site/armpit, contact your surgeon immediately. Do not attempt any homemade remedy as it can reverse the results. The best person to talk to is your doctor. Do not indulge in any sort of party or fun for some time. Once you are completely relieved of the pain and discomfort, you can take part in parties and other fun activities. Breast reconstruction is provided at reputable plastic surgery facilities in Houston, Texas. Compare the services and reputation of these facilities and choose one that offers the service of board certified plastic surgeons and caring support staff. Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery, a plastic surgery center in Houston, Texas provides you the latest cosmetic and reconstructive surgery procedures. Our plastic surgeons are renowned for their expertise in a breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, genioplasty, DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction, microtia/ear reconstruction, and more. 6400 Fannin, Suite 2290, Houston, TX 77030 Phone: 713-791-0700

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