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Published on March 17, 2009

Author: Rpennjr


AF Officer Career Opportunities : AF Officer Career Opportunities Overview : Overview Military Officer – a learned profession AFSC System – structured diversity Why Air Force Officers Are Recognized as Professionals: : Why Air Force Officers Are Recognized as Professionals: Self-governing Service Organization Specialized Expertise Continuing Education Slide 4: TEETH 1xxx Operations TAIL 2xxx Logistics 4 FEET 3xxx - Support / 4xxx - Medical 5xxx - Professional / 6xxx - Acquisition & Financial Mgt Officer Careers – Tooth to Tail OPERATIONS : OPERATIONS LOGISTICS : LOGISTICS SUPPORT : SUPPORT ACQUISITION : ACQUISITION MEDICAL : MEDICAL Health Services AFSCs 41AX Health Services Administrator Biomedical Clinicians AFSCs 42BX Physical Therapist42EX Optometrist42FX Podiatrist42GX Physician Assistant42NX Audiology/Speech Pathologist42PX Clinical Psychologist42SX Clinical Social Worker42TX Occupational Therapist Biomedical Specialists AFSCs 43AX Aerospace Physiologist43BX Biomedical Scientist43DX Dietitian43EX Bioenvironmental Engineer43HX Public Health43MX Medical Entomologist43PX Pharmacist43TX Biomedical Laboratory43VX Veterinary Clinician43YX Health Physicist Medicine AFSCs 44AX Chief, Hospital/Clinic Services44BX Preventive Medicine44DX Pathologist44EX Emergency Services Physician44FX Family Physician44GX General Practice Physician44HX Nuclear Medicine Physician44JX Clinical Geneticist44KX Pediatrician44MX Internist44NX Neurologist44PX Psychiatrist44RX Diagnostic Radiologist44SX Dermatologist44TX Radiotherapist44UX Occupational Medicine44YX Critical Care Medicine44ZX Allergist Surgery AFSCs 45AX Anesthesiologist45BX Orthopedic Surgeon45EX Ophthalmologist45GX OB/GYN45NX Otorhinolaryngologist45PX Physical Medicine Physician45SX Surgeon45UX Urologist Nurse AFSCs 46AX Nurse Administrator46FX Flight Nurse46GX Nurse-Midwife46MX Nurse Anesthetist46NX Clinical Nurse46PX Mental Health Nurse46SX Operating Room Nurse Dental AFSCs 47BX Orthodontist47DX Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist47EX Endodontist47GX Dentist47HX Periodontist47KX Pediatric Dentist47PX Prosthodontist47SX Oral Surgeon Aerospace Medicine AFSCs 48AX Aerospace Medicine Specialist48GX General Medical Officer (GMO)48RX Residency Trained Flight Surgeon48VX Pilot-Physician BioMedical : BioMedical 2. Applications are being sought from fully qualified cadets in the following AFSCs: Aerospace Physiology (43AX), Bioenvironmental Engineering (BEE) (43EX), Dietetic Intern (43DX), and Biomedical Laboratory (43TX); Suspense 15 Oct 08. 3. All applicants must have a date of graduation NLT 31 Jul 09 and be fully qualified for the specialty IAW AFI 36-2005, chapter 8. Although most specialties are degree specific, educational waivers will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Aerospace Physiologist : Aerospace Physiologist 8.5.1. Education. The minimum requirement is a baccalaureate degree in physiology, zoology, or other related degrees acceptable to HQ USAF/SG. A master's degree in physiology or zoology is desirable. 8.5.2. Area of Experience. Qualifying experience must be in aerospace physiology or related positions. Experience in physiological research, aviation human factors, and the development of physiological life support systems and equipment for aircrew personnel is desirable. 8.5.3. Medical Qualifications. Applicants for aerospace physiologist must physically qualify for flying class III according to AFI 48-123. Professional : Professional Lawyer (JAG) Chaplain Career Broadening : Career Broadening AFROTC or OTS Instructor (Capts) 16F (FAO) EWI/AFIT Do All AFSCs Have Academic Requirements? : Do All AFSCs Have Academic Requirements? Some Mandatory: Technical Areas: Engineering and Computer Science Professional Areas: Chaplain, Law, Medical Most “Desired”: Operations career fields (pilot, nav, space & missiles Support/Logistics career fields (personnel, security forces, supply, transportation, etc.) Slide 15: AF Officer Career Opportunities References : References AF Manual 36-2105 Surf the “Air Force Link” or look up Air Force Publications at: AFROTC Marketing Skills (AMS) Guide, 2000 Edition, pp. 45-242 Your cadre, Base visits, and PDT Trips Review : Review Military Officer – a learned profession AFSC System – structured diversity

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