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Published on March 17, 2009

Author: Rpennjr


An Introduction to AMERICA’SAIR FORCE : An Introduction to AMERICA’SAIR FORCE Overview : Overview Who We Are What We Do Total Force Origins : Origins B-17 from World War II F-86 Sabre and crew, circa 1953 Forged in the skies of WW I Tempered in the fire of conflict in WW II Separate service in 1947 Serve, explore, and transform during Korea and Vietnam Confirmed airpower can create victory in DESERT STORM, Kosovo, Afghanistan… USAF Vision : USAF Vision C-17 makes dirt field landing B-2 air refueling from KC-10 “Assuring security and stability requires global vigilance, reach, and power—global vigilance to anticipate and deter threats, strategic reach to curb crises, and overwhelming power to prevail in conflicts and win wars.” Major Commands : Broad continuing missions that are a subcomponent of the overall Air Force mission. Usually commanded by a four-star general Major Commands Numbered Air Force : Operational and warfighting roles Usually commanded by a Lieutenant General (3-star) Numbered Air Force Wing : Centerpiece of the Air Force All elements to operate a base Only echelon that can deploy for an indefinite period Commanded by a Brigadier General (1-star) Wing Group : Organized by function Four types of groups (Generally) Operations Maintenance Mission Support Medical Commanded by a Colonel Group Squadron : Fundamental unit of the Air Force Can deploy, but not indefinitely Responsible for day-to-day mission Normally commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel Squadron Flight : Not a formal echelon of command Assists in administration of the squadron Level most Second Lieutenants involved in Flight Field Operating Agency : “…a subdivision of the USAF which carries out field activities under the operational control of a HQ functional manager.” Mission supports MAJCOMs - works WITH not FOR the major command Field Operating Agency Direct Reporting Unit : Directly subordinate to HQ NOT under operational control of HQ functional manager Unique mission or legal requirements Direct Reporting Unit What We DoCore Competencies : What We DoCore Competencies Developing Airmen Technology-to-Warfighting Integrating Operations Developing Airmen : The ultimate source of combat capability resides in the men and women of the Air Force. Our Total force of Active, Guard, Reserve, and Civilian personnel are our largest investment and most critical asset. …abilities of our people stem from career-long focus on the development of professional airmen. Developing Airmen Technology-to-Warfighting : As a leader in the military application of air, space, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance technology, the Air Force is committed to innovation to guide research, development, and fielding of unsurpassed capabilities. The Air Force nurtures and promotes its ability to translate our technology into operational capability—to prevail in conflict and avert technological surprise. Technology-to-Warfighting Integrating Operations : Effectively integrating the diverse capabilities found in all four service branches remains pivotal to successful joint warfighting. Our innate ability to envision, experiment, and ultimately, execute the union of a myriad of platforms and people into a greater, synergistic whole... Integrating Operations Distinctive Capabilities : Distinctive Capabilities Air and Space superiority Information superiority Global attack Precision engagement Rapid global mobility Agile combat support Airmen salute C-17 carrying bodies of USS Cole terrorist bombing Worldwide influence : Worldwide influence Water purifier offloaded from C-130 for flood victims in Latin America Flight of F-15s near Mt. Fuji, Japan In the last several years we provided people, expertise and thousands of pounds of relief supplies to assist people after the earthquake in India, flooding in Africa, and Hurricane Mitch in Latin America. Our current overseas presence and our ability to rapidly deploy resources to every corner of the globe gives America’s Air Force worldwide influence and respect from friends and foes alike. Making a difference : Making a difference F-16 air refuels just prior to flight into northern Iraq Captain (Dr.) Guth helps boy in East Timor UN efforts in Bosnia-Herzegovina Longest-running humanitarian airlift 3X the length of the Berlin Airlift Millions of tons of airlifted food and medicine Precision air strikes Air Force people stationed in the region help maintain the peace. No-fly zones over northern and southern Iraq. More engaged : More engaged Busy, challenging times More engaged today than during any other period of peace Deployment rates are four times greater than Cold War levels. Lt Col Ferry hugs his children, Nielsen and Alexis Master Sergeant Maltz in Kuwait Airman Peterson provides protection at deployment base Total force : Total force 11% AD Overseas 10% AF Reserves 24% Civilian 15% Air NationalGuard 700,000 The Total Force operates worldwide. Summary : Summary Who We Are What We Do Total Force A new millennium : A new millennium The beginning of another Air Force day KC-135 air refuels B-2 Together, we can ensure America’s Air Force is able to meet the challenges of today and is prepared to defeat the threats of tomorrow. Global Vigilance, Reach & Power : Global Vigilance, Reach & Power America’s Air Force Questions

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