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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: mazsolka


PowerPoint Presentation: AFRIKA,AHOGY RITKÁN LÁTJUK PowerPoint Presentation: Mansion in Gabon PowerPoint Presentation: South Africa PowerPoint Presentation: Accra, Ghana PowerPoint Presentation: Cape Town, South Africa PowerPoint Presentation: Cape Town again PowerPoint Presentation: Angola PowerPoint Presentation: Reunion Island South Eastern Africa PowerPoint Presentation: Reunion Island South Eastern Africa PowerPoint Presentation: Lybia PowerPoint Presentation: Algeria PowerPoint Presentation: Bejaia, Algeria - North Africa PowerPoint Presentation: This is where the equator passes thru in Sao Tome Island , West Africa PowerPoint Presentation: Road to Lubango , Angola PowerPoint Presentation: Housing estate in Accra , Ghana PowerPoint Presentation: Cabo Verde, Cape Verde PowerPoint Presentation: Obudu Resort, Nigeria PowerPoint Presentation: If you thought the houses in Ghana were spectacular, you would be speechless with this house in Nigeria ... just another mansion under construction! PowerPoint Presentation: Row houses in Nigeria PowerPoint Presentation: House in Abuja, Nigeria PowerPoint Presentation: Seychelles Island PowerPoint Presentation: Kampala, Uganda PowerPoint Presentation: South Africa PowerPoint Presentation: Aerial view of Annobon Island , Equatorial Guinea ..... beautiful PowerPoint Presentation: Yes, we actually enjoy ourselves on the weekends... but the media misconceptions would have you believe we all languish in poverty (lol) PowerPoint Presentation: Presidential Palace , Ghana PowerPoint Presentation: Mansion in Transact Valley , Accra , Ghana ... where a number of the wealthy live PowerPoint Presentation: House in Accra-Ghana PowerPoint Presentation: Tunisia PowerPoint Presentation: Tunis, Tunisia PowerPoint Presentation: Harare International Airport, Zimbabwe PowerPoint Presentation: River Nile in Egypt PowerPoint Presentation: Alexandria, Egypt PowerPoint Presentation: Nairobi, Kenya PowerPoint Presentation: Nairobi, Kenya - Windsor Golf and Country Club with Nairobi skyline in the background PowerPoint Presentation: Hilton Hotel, Abounded-Cameroon PowerPoint Presentation: An event being hosted in Ghana In Ghanaian Tradition a royal is carried by four bearers in a seat as you see in this picture PowerPoint Presentation: A hotel in Khartoum, Sudan PowerPoint Presentation: The cable cars at the beach in Durban, South Africa PowerPoint Presentation: Regular occurrence: A sandstorm over Khartoum , Sudan ... after all, it is a city in a desert! PowerPoint Presentation: Aerial view of Khartoum , Sudan PowerPoint Presentation: The Wave house at Gateway Mall, Durban , South Africa PowerPoint Presentation: Mall in South Africa PowerPoint Presentation: Canal Walk Mall in Cape Town , South Africa . One of the largest malls in the Southern Hemisphere and just one of SA's mega malls. PowerPoint Presentation: Another inside view of Canal Walk Mall in Cape Town, South Africa .. PowerPoint Presentation: An outside view of Canal Walk Mall in Cape Town , South Africa… PowerPoint Presentation: Cairo, Egypt PowerPoint Presentation: Cairo, Egypt PowerPoint Presentation: Hurghada - Egypt PowerPoint Presentation: National Stadium-Dares Salaam in Tanzania with the practice field right outside PowerPoint Presentation: City of Dares Salaam-Tanzania VÉGE

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