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Published on April 7, 2008

Author: Rina


Education Abroad Program:  Education Abroad Program EAP Vision Statement:  The Education Abroad Program is the distinctive and distinguished international program of the University of California that provides academic exchanges and integrates international curricula and learning opportunities into the University. Through institutional partnerships and initiatives, the EAP expands the context and content of learning by exposing students and faculty to the challenges of diverse languages and intellectual traditions, other approaches to knowledge, and different cultural assumptions. The Program develops internationally aware citizens and enhances the potential of students and faculty to understand, respond to, and contribute  to a rapidly changing world. EAP Vision Statement Program Administration:  Program Administration Prior to departure, each Campus EAP Office coordinates student recruitment, selection, orientation, and academic advising Abroad, a Study Center Director administers the program and is responsible for the academic and personal well-being of EAP students The Universitywide Office of EAP coordinates overall EAP administration Campus Offices Study Centers UOEAP EAP Throughout the World:  EAP Throughout the World EAP Participation:  EAP Participation 1990 – Projected 2005, Headcount and FTE EAP Participation Short-Term & Year-Long Full Immersion Programs:  Regular host university courses Focus on major(s), minor(s), breadth requirements, or electives. Short-Term & Year-Long Full Immersion Programs General Education, Language and Culture Programs:  Fulfill many breadth requirements in one summer or quarter Complete up to one year of language in one quarter or summer Programs in Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Vietnam General Education, Language and Culture Programs Summer Quarter Programs:  Summer Quarter Programs China, Denmark, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom Special Focus Programs:  Special Focus Programs Tropical Biology, Marine Science, Engineering, Business and Economics, Architecture . . . African - American Studies:  African - American Studies African Studies: Historical and Cultural Antecedents The African Diaspora in Different Cultures In the Field…:  In the Field… Opportunities exist in most countries for: Internships Independent study Field research Volunteer work Why Study Abroad?:  Academic challenges and rewards Graduate school, career, and resume enhancement Less than 4% of American college students actually study abroad, which makes EAP students stand out! Increased personal growth, language proficiency, cultural awareness Promotes international understanding Provides travel opportunities Why Study Abroad? Comments of EAP Alumni:  Comments of EAP Alumni “EAP was a once-in-a-life-time experience. No matter how many times I go abroad, nothing can duplicate the college abroad experience. I recently visited my daughter on an EAP program and reconfirmed my convictions that the undergraduate EAP experience is unique, perfectly timed to correspond with maximum intellectual growth and exposure of life, outlook, and goals. Keep it up UC!” Elaine Horwitz Bachrach, UC Berkeley University of Bordeaux, 1962-63 Slide14:  “My two years in Padua were the most significant of my life. More than any other single experience, this time abroad defined my interests and values, and made possible all of my subsequent academic accomplishments. On EAP, university study became sheer adventure, and the inspiration I received then has never left me. I can truly say I would not be the person I am today had I not participated in this program.” Christopher Nissen, UC Berkeley University of Padua, 1979-80 Slide15:  “My EAP experience turned out to be the cornerstone of my academic career—I have worked overseas professionally ever since and have continued to focus on Africa. I lived and worked in Kenya (totaling three years), and I still visit there for personal and professional reasons.” Lynne Gaffikin, UC Santa Barbara University of Nairobi, 1974-75 “My experience in the EAP in Jerusalem was a catalyst of learning and one of the highlights of my education. It was one of the most memorable years of my life. My friends from that year are still among my closest. An incredible program! ” Ellen Bleiweiss, UC Santa Barbara The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1983-84 African Studies: Historical and Cultural Antecedents:  African Studies: Historical and Cultural Antecedents Ghana: University of Ghana, Legon, and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi South Africa: University of Cape Town and University of Natal (Pietermaritzburg, Durban) United Kingdom: School of Oriental and African Studies, London African Studies and the African Diaspora in Different Cultures:  African Studies and the African Diaspora in Different Cultures Barbados: University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Brazil: Bahia Language and Culture Program, Salvador France: University of Bordeaux United Kingdom: Universities of Sussex, Birmingham, and Warwick The Academic Integration of the Education Abroad Program:  The Academic Integration of the Education Abroad Program EAP is a valuable resource for academic programs. EAP augments, supplements, and strengthens these programs, and assists students with meeting their personal and career goals. Goals of EAP Academic Integration:  Goals of EAP Academic Integration Incorporate EAP courses as an integral part of academic programs Use EAP courses to fulfill major and GE requirements Develop courses that provide a bridge to the EAP experiences Promote EAP in the classroom Create and use advising templates showing where EAP fits into a student’s academic program Include EAP in promotional, advisory, and informational materials for academic units Articulation Projects:  Articulation Projects Establish general study abroad requirements Respond to departmental requests Identify EAP courses that fulfill requirements: pre-approval by committees, informal approval by advisers, capturing petition information Develop new programs with increased faculty and academic program involvement in the initiation, design, implementation, oversight, and integration of these programs Graduate students: Reduce financial barriers, TAs, residence positions, platforms for research Current Faculty Involvement:  Current Faculty Involvement Faculty exchange program: Latin America and Europe Study Center directorships Faculty database Liaison officer programs on some campuses Formal country-specific reviews Program development committees Assist with outreach, advising, student selection, and orientation Visit the web:  Visit the web: Selected Courses:  Selected Courses African languages, literature, culture, philosophy, religion, film, art, politics, development: Birmingham, Bordeaux, Ghana, S.O.A.S., South Africa, Sussex, and Warwick Caribbean culture, diversity, history, development, literature, women’s issues: Barbados, Birmingham, and Sussex Afro-Brazilian culture and identity: Salvador Black experience in Britain, intellectual ideas from the black diaspora: Birmingham

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