Africa Station Instructions

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Information about Africa Station Instructions

Published on May 9, 2013

Author: arvindtirkey


Station 1: Station 1 Fill in the provided Africa countries map by looking and listening to this website with your headphones on: If you do not have headphones , turn your volume on low on your computer. It is important to learn how to pronounce these words, not just read them . Part of Homework: Finish filling in your maps, take photos of your maps, and upload the maps to Edmodo as proof of completing your assignment. Photo must be clear. Station 2: Station 2 Use your headphones with this website to improve your knowledge of Africa’s countries and their locations. Begin by selecting the North Africa region and mastering it first(see image). Second, select the West Africa region and master that region Third, keep selecting and mastering each region of Africa, one by one. Finally, select “ All countries ” and try to master the entire region of Africa. Station 3: Puzzles of Africa: Station 3: Puzzles of Africa In pairs, compete to see which team can complete the puzzle first. 1st round can look at the box top for help. 2nd round change pairs & cannot look at the box top. 3rd round 2 people in the winning team compete against each other. Station 4: World Dash: Station 4: World Dash Play!

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