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Published on July 11, 2009

Author: lauralochore



Strategies in multimedia langauges learning - WestOne resources

Lang uag e le arning s trate g ie s in multime dia le arning Laura Lo c ho re WestOne Services

WestOne Services Develop curriculum resources for: • K-12 • VET • Careers in CD-ROM, print and DVD formats.

K-12 Languages products Languages products:  Indonesian  Italian

 Language learning and com unication m strategies  Collaborative learning strategies  Literacy strategies  Thinking skills  Strategies for engaging learners  Strategies for using digital resources.

Strategies? Do I do strategies?

Strategies: Why? •Strategies facilitate learning •Challenges to learning area “Languages are all very well, but we have to focus on literacy”.

Literacy  Functional literacy  Critical literacy –Intercultural understanding – http://w w w  Task design –Literacy strategies –Thinking skills –Collaborative learning strategies

W are our learners and howdo they ho learn?  Read the instructions  Discovery learning  Social learning  Viewing Metacognition: Knowhowyou learnt something so you can do it again.

Strategies to engage learners

 Boys “ rejected and resisted alm all school ost literacy practices … but w eager to ere em brace highly sophisticated literate practices outside school… ”  They rejected hom ork as “ ew boring, stupid, w to easy” ay .  They w anted to “ w they learn” use hat .

Online gam or language teaching ing strategies?  Challenge (supported) and purpose  Get straight in (learn by doing)  Risk-taking and reward  Interact, com unicate m  Learn from peers & see others learning  Awareness of progress  Develop identity –“I’m an Indo ne s ian s pe ake r”

Incorporating strategies into tasks  Task: create a video-clip (real/animated) in the TL demonstrating the use of strategies.

Strategies for using digital technologies  Beware IT fatigue  Vary delivery/mode/media –individual, sm group, w all hole group –screen, discussion, paper  Teach IT strategies –W eb-searching in TL, advanced searching, evaluating validity of sites.  Navigation

School Products Coordinator Claire Dawson: T (08) 9229 5328  Laura.lochore@ det.w  Laura.lochore@ gm   Tw itter: bulolol

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