Affordable Healthcare 123 Tees Shares 10 tips to Save on Healthcare

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Information about Affordable Healthcare 123 Tees Shares 10 tips to Save on Healthcare

Published on June 25, 2019

Author: affordablehealthcare


slide 1: Affordable Healthcare 123 Tees Shares 10 WAYS TO LOWER HEALTHCARE COSTS slide 2: 1. Opt for Generic uOpt for old-line generic drugs when possible. New medications are always coming out but that doesnt necessarily mean the old drugs no longer work. Talk to your doctor about older and less expensive alternatives. slide 3: 2. Ask About Alternatives u Ask about alternative testing facilities whether you need a blood test vaccine or procedure the cost varies depending on the testing facility. Ask your doctor about changing venues. slide 4: 3. Research Laboratories u Check your insurers network talk to your provider and stick to preferred testing laboratories. You could pay less in copays save the insurance company money and keep your premiums low. slide 5: 4. Use Urgent Care uYour doctor should be your first choice but when the office is closed an urgent care facility can offer the best value for non-emergency issues. slide 6: 5. Attend Health Fairs uHealth fairs and community events are great places to get low cost screenings for common issues. If there is a problem follow up with your doctor. slide 7: 6. Research Telemedicine u Modern technology means your doctor could be as close as your smartphone. Ask your insurance company about telemedicine slide 8: 7. Cash Discounts uIf you do not have insurance ask your doctor about a cash discount. Doctors dont like dealing with insurance companies and may be willing to accept a smaller payment in exchange for less hassle. slide 9: 8. Lifestyle Changes u Many chronic medical problems respond to changes in lifestyle and there are things you can do outside the doctors office to improve your health and lower medical costs. slide 10: 9. Open an HSA Account uIf you are eligible for a Health Savings Account HSA opening one can save you money and lower your tax bill. The money in an HSA account is tax deductible and rolls over from year to year. slide 11: 10. Explore Online uUse online tools to find the lowest drug prices. Some sites will point you to the lowest cost providers and you can save hundreds of dollars a year on prescriptions. slide 13: The Affordable Healthcare 123 Tees team is dedicated to making healthcare and their awesome t-shirts affordable to every American. Get yours today

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