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Information about AffinityPrograms-ACCEx

Published on March 17, 2016

Author: MikeBrazier


1. Michael Brazier VP Membership 816-374-5401

2. As Chambers search for ways to diversify their non-dues revenue mix, it’s important to realize that many affinity programs are not “one size fits all”. An affinity program that’s a winner for one Chamber may not fit your chamber’s membership. Learning how to select the right program while using it to grow new members and increase retention is the key to a successful program.

3. • Outline 1.Presentation targets and understanding affinity programs 2.Affinity Programs vs. Member Discounts 3.How to use and how to choose the correct program

4. Why choose an Affinity Program? • VP, Director, Manager – overall benefits of membership and revenue stream • Membership reps, Sales team – member value and engagement

5. Who’s responsible for the program? Choose carefully!

6. Affinity Programs vs. Member Discounts • 1. Affinity program – marketing program in which organizations forma partnership – Partnership – • can have multiple meanings but most commonly includes incentive for one side (monetarily) and incentive on the other side in the form of business prospects / new customers. • Also usually means exclusivity among competitors – Current industry (trend) term for Affinity programs - Cost Savings Benefit Programs – 2. Member discounts – marketing program where all savings are passed on to current / new members • No revenue to the Chamber

7. Life is hard; it’s harder if you’re stupid. -John Wayne

8. How to use and how to choose affinity programs • - Remember your sole purpose as a membership organization – GROW NEW MEMBERS and INCREASE RETENTION! • - Why are affinity programs flat / decreasing? Because they are being promoted on their own. • - Pull your programs into your membership benefits package. • - Use the programs in your consultative sales approach • - Prospect your own membership base + promote specific (targeted) programs to your members as benefits that they have not been taking advantage of. • - Use specific numbers to show savings! – Example – KY State Chamber and Cincinnati Chamber – * Don’t get away from new member growth and increased retention by trying to grow non-dues revenue. Use the affinity programs as cost savings benefits and the non-dues revenue will grow naturally.

9. Tailor your programs to fit the needs of your members • - Know your membership. Don’t try to offer things that don’t fit your members. • Services are more important to younger members • - Take a survey • - Adapt your programs to your area (population, demographics, industry) • - Think outside the box – don’t be afraid to try something new. Remember the difference between affinity and member discounts. • Use member discounts as a proving ground for possible affinity programs - ALWAYS talk to your members about their needs!!..... Because their needs are changing, business is changing and the Chamber needs to change with them!

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