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Published on February 11, 2014

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The health care practitioners have to remember their commonly used codes of ICD-09 which will require becoming familiar with the varied code set

The health care practitioners have to remember their commonly used codes of ICD-09 which will require becoming familiar with the varied code set

Introduction  The October, 2014 is the deadline for the ICD-10 transition  The members of health care industry are busy in preparing for coming rollouts  The system must be restructured to provide accommodations to the transferring of new code.  About five times ICD-10 codes compared with the ICD-9

 The code format is different with comparable diagnoses having totally different codes  To achieve some more codes, the mappings from one code set to another could be complex with nonreciprocal or incomplete mappings.

Unequal Impact  New research shows that the ICD-10 switch is expected to impact a number of specialties.  The research recommends that ICD-10-CM were more difficult for some specialties

 The researchers established that the ICD-9 codes and ICD-10 codes have non-reciprocal and difficult mapping  The researchers documented about five mapping idea categories which indicate the way ICD-9 codes translate ICD-10 codes

Negative transition impact  The transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 is to impact some specialties unfavorably than others  The ICD-10-CM rises the access codes from 14,567 to about 68,000, with its implementation costs from $83,000 to $2.7 million per practice.

Affected medical specialties  The switch to ICD-10 will be affected on everyone in the healthcare industry  The team of researchers determined that oncologists and hematologists would like to have the easiest transition  The psychiatrists’ obstetricians, and emergency medicine physicians will face the experiments.

 Practitioners have specialty-specific education about essential documentation for ICD-10  It is to not influence negatively on productivity of coder  Hospitals are planning to offer this education to their staff  This will ease the risks of transition and will clearly reduce the level of modify.

 This will positively affect the satisfaction of physician and improve coder productivity and bottom-line of an organization

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