Affectionate bond between nsu and its students

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Published on October 24, 2013

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Primary Research for Advanced composition course. Talks a great deal about affectionate bond between object and human psychology.

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“Affectionate bond between NSU and its students doesn’t influence their consideration of the institute for further higher studies.”

Through a long time of studying in an institute, a bond is developed. NSU is treated here as a consistent caregiver. The focus of this research is to find to what extent, does this relationship matters in the time of post graduation.

 What are the reasons behind the formation of an affectionate bond?  What are the main associations that facilitate the formation of these bonds between students and the university?  What are the attributes or benefits that students consider when choosing an institution for post graduation?  Does this choice of attributes are affected by the affectionate bond between NSU and it’s students?

There are affectionate bonds present between NSU and its students. This bonds doesn’t influence the decision of institution for higher education. NSU is not strong enough to create a bond which puts a regulation of choices in graduates.

 NSU is a consistent caregiver which provides an attachment figure.  “The nature of relationship between 2 figure grows out of the total history of their interactions.” (Ainsworth)  “ Attachment behavior is intermittent- sometimes present sometimes absent. “(Ainsworth)  Attachment behavior is interchangeable. A new figure can take the place of the attachment figure in a vulnerable time. (Cassidy)  Abandonment and rejection initializes breaking of the bonds.

what is the factor in NSU that attracts you most? 14 12 60% Number of Students 10 8 6 4 2 20% 10% 10% Teachers and their open-mindedness Campus 0 Academic standards Something that I can't understand but it attracts me Variables NSU is strong in academic standards. In some cases, students are referring to affectionate attachments.

12 What factors will you consider in the time of choosing universities for your post graduation? 10 Number of students 8 6 50% 40% 4 2 0 0 Tution fees 10% Campus Variables Open-minded and Knowledgeable teachers Ranking Students consider ranking of the university and Openmindedness of the teachers in most cases.

In the time of considering universities for higher eduation,which factor of NSU can affect your choice the most? 7 6 Number f Students 5 4 3 2 25% 30% 30% 15% 1 0 I have studied here for 4-6 years and there It was well matched with my priorities is a bond developed between NSU and me I just like the environment It doesn't matter, I will not stay here Variables  Things that affect most, are the affectionate bonds, matching of priorities and environment.  That means students has some affectionate bonds and they are quite strong.  The environmental attributes of NSU are strong.

If you choose another university for your MBA, What will be the core reason behind your choice? 12 Number of Students 10 8 6 50% 4 2 25% 25% 0 0 Better education system More stress-free Less tution fees Higher ranking then NSU Variables  The core reason behind their choice will be tuition fees, in some cases better education system and stress free environment.  NSU has high tuition fees even in post graduation departments.  NSU provides students with a lot of stress in a education system poorer then some other Universities that they compare with.

How did your affectionate bond with NSU change over time? 14 12 Number of students 10 8 6 60% 4 30% 2 10% 0 0 It has got stronger some things traumatized me and the bond is ver weak It's just not the same as before There was actually no bond developed Variables  In most cases with time, the bond has got stronger.  Most people develop a bond, either a good one or a negative one.  The 2nd one arises a sense of getting away as soon as possible.

What can be your possible choice of University for your post-graduation? 16 14 Number of Students 12 10 8 75% 6 4 2 10% 10% 5% NSU 0 IBA Dhaka University Abroad Choice of Universities Most of the students want to do their post graduation from abroad. A few from Bangladesh but they also have some other choices like Govt. educational institutes.

Students develop an affectionate bond through studying for long time, for care giving and also, because of friends and teachers here. NSU has a strong educations system maybe in under-grad level, not in post-grad level (WOM considerations). Students addresses high tuition fees to be a problem but they doesn’t consider that in time of post-graduation. They are ready to pay for a better education system. These affectionate bonds doesn’t matter in the time of considering universities for higher studies because of choice based on rationality.

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