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Information about AFD-081119-055

Published on December 8, 2008

Author: aSGuest5574


46 TW Future : 46 TW Future 46 TW moving out West Air Force Developmental Test and Evaluation Center (46TW under Edwards CC) not happening either TW involved in enterprise activities aimed at efficiency across the AF DT&E Financial EW C4ISR TW intimately involved in BRAC activities from mission impact point of view (JSF, 7th SFG) not > NW Florida Civil Aviation Growth : 2 NW Florida Civil Aviation Growth Pensacola $40M extending And Repaving Runways Bay County ROD Signed Only 5 nm from R2914A Destin New FBO and Tower Crestview expanding Runways & Hangars Defuniak Expanding Rwys/Txys & Adding GPS Approach FWB Banner Tow Ruckel Okaloosa Terminal Growth NW Florida Military Aviation Growth : 3 NW Florida Military Aviation Growth NAS PNS Syllabus Training NAS Whiting Syllabus Training Ft Rucker Syllabus Training Tyndall Syllabus Training Eglin Syllabus Training AFSOC/JSF Low Level Training Periodic Tomahawk Missiles Air Refueling Training Across Region Choctaw UAV & T-6/T-34 Trng AFSOC/Navy Trng at Duke AFSOC/Army Trng at Fld 6 GRASI(Gulf Regional Airspace Strategic Initiative ) : GRASI(Gulf Regional Airspace Strategic Initiative ) What it is – a plan for how all aviation stakeholders will operate efficiently in the future Encompassing airspace/airfields in NW FL, Lower AL, GA and MS. Multitude of aviation stakeholders including; USAF, ANG, USN, State/Business/General Aviation & more Current status Fully Funded and contract awarded 1st Executive Steering Committee Mtg 18 Nov in Atlanta Future plans/ path forward Conduct stakeholder meetings, determine requirements, model airfields, region airspace and economic impacts 46TW 2015 Vision : 46TW 2015 Vision Robust flight and ground test supporting legacy aircraft Robust C4ISR Developmental Test Smooth operations with JSF training activities 7th SFG integrated ops on range Coordinated DoD scheduling across the Gulf Region Near-real time range control “Super ROCC” Instrumented Gulf with oil exploration/drilling from west of the current Military Mission Line Mid-Bay Connector operating; Bypass under construction Vision 2015 : Vision 2015 Vector Check III

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