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Published on January 9, 2008

Author: Reinardo


Delta Temporary MOA Proposal:  Delta Temporary MOA Proposal Maj Rob Peck Flight Commander, Airspace & Range 611 AOS 11 AF - Alaska Last Update: 5 Mar 07 Overview:  Overview Background Airspace and Use Proposal Radio and Radar Upgrades 2007 Exercise Season Eielson Range Control - SUAIS Background:  Background 1992 Cope Thunder came to Alaska 1997 Creation of the Military Operations Area’s (MOA), Record of Decision signed by Secretary of the Air Force 2006 Gen Mosley, Chief of Staff, USAF directed RED FLAG-Alaska; “The military's premier training opportunity”. Complements & comparable to RED FLAG Nellis Military is obligated to the American people to be good stewards and integrate our training Why RED FLAG?:  Why RED FLAG? Korean War / Vietnam – “Project Red Baron” First 10 combat missions are the most critical “Train the way we plan to fight” RED FLAG started in 1975 Local Training vs Large Force Employment RED FLAG experience Simulates combat without using live missiles Air Expeditionary Force Preparation EIELSON AFB = RED FLAG-Alaska (BRAC save) Limitations on Exercise Realism due to Current Airspace:  Limitations on Exercise Realism due to Current Airspace Splits Air Combat Area from Bombing Range (R-2202) No Air Combat from corridor and South Unrealistic Aircraft Reactions against SAMs Limitations Cont.:  Reduces Altitude-based Weather Options Aircraft compressed in Birch/Buffalo MOA New technology, new capabilities (bombs/beans) Close Air Support and Dynamic Targeting Areas Limitations Cont. Proposal:  Proposal Establish T-DELTA MOA underneath existing DELTA ATCAA T-Delta MOA activated separately from RF-A Airspace DELTA ATCAA T-DELTA MOA BIRCH 10000' MSL 5000' MSL 500' AGL FL180 FL600 3000' AGL 7000' MSL 300' AGL BUFFALO MOA EIELSON AFB DELTA JUNCTION SIDE VIEW T-Delta MOA Usage:  T-Delta MOA Usage Goal is to maximize military training while minimizing impact to others For Major Force Exercises (MFEs) only RED FLAG-Alaska, Northern Edge 3-4 Two-Week Exercises per year (30-40 days/year) Environmental Impact Statement allows 60 days/yr max Exercises: 1 in Apr-May, 2 in Jun-Aug, 1 in Oct No exercises: Jan, Feb, Early Jul, Sep Daily usage is approximately 3-4 hours Two 1.5 to 2.5 hour blocks - at least 3 hrs between windows NOTAM’d at least 4 weeks prior with accurate TMOA times Typical Times: 1100-1230L, 1800-1930L The T-Delta MOA is :  The T-Delta MOA is NOT A BRICK WALL: Activated for a very limited/specific time (fight period only) VFR is always available Protected along highways <3500’ MSL (4000’ MSL S of Delta) SUAIS can help with deconfliction (better radar/radio coverage) A dynamic airspace, returning to ATC Mission cancels End of fight engagement (real-time) No extension beyond NOTAM’d time Med Evac always has priority Emergency Aircraft always has priority Slide12:  2202 Current & Projected Radio Coverage Past & Current Radar Coverage:  Past & Current Radar Coverage Ft Yukon Murphy Taylor Mtn 3265 2007 Exercise Schedule:  2007 Exercise Schedule RED FLAG-Alaska 07-1 8 - 20 April RED FLAG-Alaska 07-2 4 - 15 June RED FLAG-Alaska 07-3 16 - 27 July RED FLAG-Alaska 08-1 15 - 26 Oct Eielson Range Control:  Eielson Range Control Provides Info - SUAIS Safety, Efficiency, Emergency Active Airspace Location of Aircraft Notifies Military Aircraft Give routing, altitude (updates) Squawk Mode 3/C! Contact Info VHF 125.3 372-6913 (1-800-758-8723) Conclusion:  Conclusion T-Delta MOA is vital to the military's ability to “train how we fight” Reduced the window that the T-Delta is activated to the smallest window possible minimizing the affect on the public Willing to move T-MOA activation times (within reason) to accommodate the GA community Provided a safe VFR Corridor for GA aircraft Medevac and emergency aircraft always have priority Drastically increased safety with improved communications & Radar Wiling to work with the public to improve this initiative Slide17:  QUESTIONS?

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