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Published on August 22, 2007

Author: Funtoon


Slide1:  Midair Collision Avoidance F-15C EAGLE, F-15E STRIKE EAGLE The F-15C is the USAF’s primary all-weather air-superiority fighter. The F-15E Strike Eagle is a two-seat, dual role fighter for all-weather air-to-air and deep interdiction missions. The F-15s are equipped with only UHF radios. With their gray camouflage color, they can be very hard to see. Training Areas: - R-2202, R-2205, R-2211, Stony, Yukon, and Naknek MOA’s - Low Level Routes primarily used are VR1900, VR937, and VR1905. Avoidance Information: - F-15 operations are primarily during daylight hours and are generally conducted between 8 o'clock AM and 8 o'clock PM, Monday through Friday. - In training areas, expect them at all altitudes and airspeeds. - While in training areas, F-15s monitor a UHF frequency with Anchorage Center. - On low level routes, expect to see the F-15Es at 500' AGL flying about 510 knots. - F-15Es on low level routes provide position reports and monitor Flight Service Station (FSS) frequencies (255.4 UHF). - F-15s primarily fly in formations of two to four planes. If you see one, look for more.   C-130H/HC-130H HERCULES The C-130 is the primary airlift aircraft at Elmendorf AFB and Kulis ANG Base (ANC). The C-130H performs airdrop and air/land re-supply, while the HC-130H primarily performs in-flight refueling and search and rescue missions. C-130s are equipped with a VHF radio. They are often hard to see because of their gray camouflage paint scheme and relatively slow airspeeds. Training Areas: - These aircraft frequently fly in the Mat-Su Valley as low as 300’ AGL, between 130-250 knots. Avoidance Information: - Some equipped with TCAS. Using your transponder (if equipped) will help them avoid you. - C-130s operate VFR in the Mat-Su Valley primarily during daylight hours (10 o'clock AM to 10 o'clock PM) Monday through Friday. - Generally, they fly in formations of two to five planes at co-altitudes. So, if you see one, look for more. - After a VFR flight through the Mat-Su Valley, C-130s commonly will use R2203 as a drop zone. - When R2203 is used, they enter from the North or West. - C-130 crews monitor and provide position reports on Flight Service Station (FSS) frequencies and Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) using their VHF radio. Elmendorf Final Approach: The FAF is located 1NM Southeast of Pt Mackenzie inside the Lake Hood Segment. NOTE: 300’ separates EDF traffic and Merrill/Lake Hood traffic – High wake turbulence and collision potential exist. 1000’AGL – 18000 MSL 100’AGL – 18000 MSL 3000’AGL – 18000 MSL 10000’MSL – 18000 MSL 5000’AGL – 18000 MSL Elmendorf Anchorage For more information contact: 3rd Wing Safety: 552-4128

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