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Published on March 6, 2008

Author: Mahugani


Slide1:  Defense Information Systems Agency John Garing Chief Information Officer and Director Strategic Planning and Information Combat Support Agency:  Combat Support Agency Global DoD network – voice, data, video Imagine, design, build, provision, sustain the Global Information Grid (GIG) Combat support data centers 16 in CONUS; one each in Europe and the Pacific Logistics, finance, transportation, command and control Warfighting capabilities and services Force provider to the Joint Task Force Global Network Operations (JTF GNO) Special missions 2 $7.3 billion (appropriated and reimbursable) 6600 people 2 Interlocked Missions:  Interlocked Missions DISA JTF-GNO DISA Director dual-hatted as JTF-GNO Commander Engineers, acquires, fields, and sustains the Global Information Grid Directs the operation and defense of the Global Information Grid The AT&T, AOL, Google, and OnStar™ for DoD global operations Special Missions:  Special Missions Joint Staff Support Center (JSSC) Connectivity for the NMCC and Joint Staff White House Communications Agency (WHCA) White House Situation Support Staff Connectivity for the Commander-in-Chief Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO) Spectrum management and allocation Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO) Contracting for information technology Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) Interoperability testing and certification DISA’s Global Presence:  DISA’s Global Presence * Theater NetOps Center (TNC) - PACOM * Global NetOps Support Center (GNSC) * Theater NetOps Center (TNC) – CENTCOM * Theater NetOps Center (TNC) - EUCOM * Theater NetOps Center (TNC) - NORTHCOM JTF-GNO Assets * Joint Task Force - Global Network Operations (JTF-GNO) * Global NetOps Center (GNC) DECC-Huntsville DECC-St.Louis DECC-Columbus DECC-Chambersburg DECC-Norfolk Defense Enterprise Computing Center (DECC) Ogden DECC-Pacific DECC-Europe DECC-Oklahoma City DECC-Mechanicsburg DECC-Montgomery DECC-San Antonio DECC-Jacksonville DECC-Warner Robbins DECC-Rock Island DECC-Dayton DECC-San Diego DISA NORTHCOM DISA JFCOM DISA PACOM Joint Interoperability Test Command DISA TRANSCOM Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization DISA Alaska DISA CENTCOM DISA SOCOM National Capital Region DISA EUCOM DISA Korea DISA Japan DISA Okinawa DISA SWA DISA Guam DISA SOUTHCOM DISA STRATCOM DISA Headquarters White House Communications Agency (WHCA) Joint Staff Support Center (JSSC) Defense Spectrum Office (DSO) Joint Spectrum Center (JSC) DECC-Denver DITCO Scott, Europe, Pacific, National Capitol Region (NCR) DISA field offices with each Combatant Commander DISA CONUS From the “Point of the Spear”…:  From the “Point of the Spear”… Extending enterprise services to the edge Beyond the traditional DISN point of presence … to the Sustaining Base:  Large, diverse enterprises … to the Sustaining Base 5.2M items managed 54,000 requisitions / day 8,200 contracts awarded / day $35.5B sales / services FY06 1, 312 weapons systems supported $94.1B inventory Comparable to #58 on the Fortune 500 (Sprint Nextel) 5.9M people paid 13.8M invoices 7M travel payments $424B in pay disbursements 57M accounting transactions $255B military retirement and health benefits managed $20.9B in foreign military sales Defense Logistics Agency Defense Finance and Accounting Service 7 Global Connectivity:  Base Base Base Base Base Access fiber or leased bandwidth Global Connectivity Base Base Base Base Base Satellite Communications Teleports The Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) Core Other Terrestrial Connectivity NIPRNet/SIPRNet Growth:  NIPRNet/SIPRNet Growth Factors Increased use of the DISN core Increased internet access Existing customers requesting more bandwidth BW Growth: NIPR: 138% SIPR: 82% Customer Growth: NIPR: 24% SIPR: 10% 9 Southwest Asia:  Southwest Asia DISA facilitated the greatest degree of growth of communications infrastructure in the shortest time period in the history of warfare Change in the DISN:  Change in the DISN Review of DISN funding and governance mandated by Strategic Planning Guidance as part of Enhanced Planning Process (EPP) for FY 2006   Review driven by three primary factors  Incentivize data producers to share content with consumers without incurring large DISN costs Global Information Grid – Bandwidth Expansion (GIG-BE) Appropriated funding, integration into the DISN DISN cost recovery and billing system Complicated rate structure Lacked transparency for predicting future costs Outcomes of the EPP review DISN is a weapon system and must be treated as such Simplified billing methodology and offered incentives to data producers DWCF Package/Size Alternative Weights/Shares:  DWCF Package/Size Alternative Weights/Shares Combat Support Computing Assured Systems That . . . :  Combat Support Computing Assured Systems That . . . provide medical care manage maintenance manage parts and replenish supplies provision ships The future – scalable, on demand processing 13 Capacity Services Concept:  Capacity Services Concept What we are moving to Acquire processing and storage capacity as a service provided by vendor partners Pay much like a homeowner pays for utilities, e.g., by CPU-hours or megabytes consumed Benefits Reduce time to add capacity Reduce overhead Simplify and reduce cost Streamline operating system and storage configuration management Facilitate technological currency Slide15:  Norfolk Huntsville Jacksonville San Antonio Denver San Diego Chambersburg Mechanicsburg Columbus Dayton Montgomery Warner Robins St. Louis Oklahoma City Ogden Geographic location irrelevant Management “from anywhere” – SOP Agile, resilient, secure, available Data-centric “smart pull” optimized DISA Data Centers of the Future Europe Hawaii Slide16:  Net-Centric Enablers Tomorrow’s Net-Centric Capabilities Future Capabilities Focus Net & Data - Centric Information pull Current Systems Net-Centric Capabilities Now Systems Focus Stove-piped systems Information push New Keys to Net-Centricity - Enterprise Services - Commercial Service Oriented Architecture - Joint Acquisition Management Systems transformed into discrete capabilities - Enterprise-Wide System Engineering - Federated Development & Certification Environment Joint Capabilities 16 Slide17:  Net-Centric Enterprise Services (NCES) Enabling Warfighting, Intelligence, and Business Systems Future Capabilities Focus Network & Data - Centric Information pull Current Systems Net-Centric Capabilities Now Systems Focus Stove-piped systems Information push New Systems transformed into discrete capabilities Joint Capabilities User Access 17 Slide18:  NCES Enterprise Services NCES Interoperability of data with shared semantics Exchange data with unanticipated users in unanticipated formats Ability to develop and reuse capabilities regardless of platform; increased flexibility and agility Communicate in real-time using voice, text, and video sessions Confidence that enterprise services are available and reliable Real-time update and alert notification as information changes Ability to operate in a secure environment Web-based source for information on NCES and access to its services Access to shared/ stored data; improved shared awareness Locate people and network resources Improved Quality of Service NCES Spiral 1.0 Capabilities Net-Centric Enterprise Services Product Line Perspective:  NCES is delivering capabilities to enable the Department’s Net-Centric Transformation! Net-Centric Enterprise Services Product Line Perspective Net-Enabled Command Capability Global Combat Support System Distributed Common Ground System National Geospatial-Intelligence Services Theater Battle Management Core System Integrated Strategic Planning & Analysis Network Defense Technical Information Center NCES Spiral 1.0 Capabilities Service Oriented Architecture Foundation Programs of Record & COI Users Global Command & Control System Communities of Interest User Access via DKO Data Services Content Discovery & Delivery Enterprise Collaboration 3 Net-Enabled Command Capability (NECC):  Net-Enabled Command Capability (NECC) NECC – Transforming C2 Now Systems Focus Stove-piped systems Information push Future Capabilities Focus Net & Data - Centric Information pull Current C2 Systems Net-Enabled Command Capability Systems transformed into discrete capabilities Other C2 Systems C2 Capabilities NECC “SANDBOX” Operations Operational Piloting Development Piloting Development Graduation Federated Development & Certification Environment (FDCE) aka “the Sandbox” Increasing Capability Maturity Mission Thread i.e. Situational Awareness New 20 Federated Development & Certification Environment :  Collaboratively developed and operationally responsive Federated Development & Certification Environment Warfighter/User Community Requirements Community Test & Evaluation/ Certification Community Materiel Provider/Sustainment Community 21 Defense Spectrum Management :  Defense Spectrum Management Presidential Communications:  Presidential Communications Converged Networks Mobile Communications IP Everywhere Fixed Plant Slide24:  Force Sustainment Infra-structure GCSS Coalition C2 Gale Lite GCCS-A GCCS-M IAS JSTARS NATO ICC TBMCS TCAIMS II ADAMS ALOG AMP DARWIN DCAPES GCCS-A GTN ICIS JFAST MAGTF II MAT SMS TAG LOGCAT/BCAT WHQ COMPASS FOCUS JRAMS AFSATCOM/TIBS GDSS ETMS FNMOC EPLRS Lateral Tell Link 11/16 NNSOC NRTD QTRACS ADSI TDDS SBMCS NATO JOIIS TBMCS ASAS MIDB NGA 5D NGA IPL UAV GCS AF Weather AFIWC WinJMEM Raindrop DMDC CFAST DRRS FEDB FEDMTC GCCS-A JADE JRAMS READI AFSORT DET ASORTS GOMERS TRMS DMS GTN SDDC - TEA DMS AMHS GPS USN Observatory Intelligence Force Planning GRIS I3 Situational Awareness Force Readiness COP SORTS GSORTS JOPES DVT JFRG II ACOA CFAST C2PC DNS DCTS E-Mail Print Services Empire Alerts WebCOP Grenadier Brat JFAST 24 Today’s Problem DARWIN CAMPS The DISA Strategy:  The DISA Strategy The Foundations:  The Foundations Sharing and defense of information – enabling the sharing of information while staunchly protecting it Speed – deliver IT capabilities and services faster Power to the edge – extend enterprise services to the edge Operational excellence – accelerate operational effectiveness and efficiency Financial transparency – customers know and understand the value and costs of DISA capabilities and services 11 Think big, build small, scale rapidly Developed through customer and private sector outreach and coordination 26 Buying:  Buying ABCs – adopt before buy, buy before create Army Knowledge Online as the enterprise portal Use of Army’s ITES-2 contract for the core NCES element NCES collaboration tool as a commercially managed service Content discovery delivered by DNI Content staging delivered by DISA Computing Services Capability broker Creative competition Collaboration two-button approach – vendors paid by use Minimize size of requirements documents Build small Program size is our enemy Large, prescriptive documents hinder flexibility Small modules of service built by small teams Enable ourselves to kill early Slide28:  The World Is In Constant Change Why We Worry:  Why We Worry “Those who survive and thrive are the ones who understand the trends and make intentional decisions about their own destiny.” “These investments portend a fundamental change in computing and communications…the infrastructure is being financed by growth in search, on-line advertising, and consumer use of the internet.” Ray Ozzie Microsoft Continuously Learning Frequent visits and discussions with private sector CIOs:  Continuously Learning Frequent visits and discussions with private sector CIOs 30 Slide31:  What Can Be Done Take Aways:  Take Aways Consumers are in charge Consumers drive volume and volume drives business Enterprises no longer in the driver’s seat Some of the most advanced data centers are consumer targeted Failure and speed Charles Phillips, Oracle – “Perfect no, fast always” Douglas Merrill, Google – “Mistakes and failures are way more valuable than successes” Yogesh Gupta, CA – “Celebrate quick failures” Minimize requirements – work to objectives, not specs The Google model – small and quick Small teams building small services Speed from idea to lab to user testing Easy to kill Take Aways:  Take Aways Commodity computing, storage, and communications The burden of legacy New companies, e.g., Google, Amazon, have no legacy Old companies do. And the DoD… Adopt and adapt where we can Build small Large, prescriptive documents hinder flexibility Small modules of service built by small teams Rush to our mistakes – kill early Accept the 80% solution – fast, not perfect It’s all about speed 33 Web 2.0:  Web 2.0 Amateurization of technology – implies a power shift Always on – ubiquitous Real time information and immediate feedback Provides New distribution channels Early warning through the blogosphere Radical transparency Connected youth The lunch money problem Skiing and instant messaging Hokie blogging VADM Mark Edwards’ assessment Who deploys and controls Web 2.0? Blogs, wikis, social networking, IPTV 34 Converged IP Services Over the GIG:  Base Base Base Base Base Access fiber or leased bandwidth Converged IP Services Over the GIG Base Base Base Base Base The DISN Core 35 Converged services over the DISN 35 Services Services Services Satellite Communications Enterprise Computing Centers Other Terrestrial Connectivity Teleport NCES and NECC DISA and BRAC:  DISA and BRAC BRAC decision: move DISA headquarters to Fort Meade Timing – 2010-11 Major concern: continuity of the mission 75% of the workforce lives in Northern Virginia Commute time is a significant quality of life issue Family issues – important in NCR Reconstituting lost talent may take a long time Each existing employee has knowledge, skills, and experience that cannot be hired from the street Strategies Human resources plan – retention, relocation, recruitment allowances Telework on steroids Customer Conference 2008 :  Customer Conference 2008 38 Forecast To Industry:  Forecast To Industry The DISA “Forecast to Industry 2007” will take place on Monday, September 24 from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., a free event. Where: FDIC Training Center, 3501 Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA, 22201 DISA’s senior leadership will present briefings to address requirements, and planned procurements for the 2008/2009 fiscal years.  Attendees will have the opportunity to speak with senior leaders and acquisition representatives during question and answer sessions and on an individual basis.  Pre-registration is required for this event. Log on to: and click on Forecast to Industry to register for this important event. 39 Where You Can Help:  Where You Can Help We are buying differently Speed, speed, speed Extending services to the edge Always on 40

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