AES for Java Card 2.2.x

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Information about AES for Java Card 2.2.x

Published on June 13, 2008

Author: anshus



This presentation describes introduction of Rijndael's algorithm in Java Card 2.2.x. Much needed stronger symmetric key AES (FIPS 197) algorithm was added into Java Card specifications for three key sizes of 128, 192 and 256 bits. The addition retained the flavor of Java Card Cryptographic API standards as per Java Card 2.1.

AES for Java Card 2.2 An Introduction - Anshuman Sinha

Rijndael’s Algorithm Shortest algorithm with least RAM and ROM requirement – best candidate for smartcards Fastest in comparison to Crypton, Mars, RC6, Serpent and Twofish - AES Round 1 selections Faster than DES and smaller in codesize Variable Key sizes of 128, 192 and 256 bits AES-128 AES-192 AES-256 1/29/2005 Anshuman Sinha <> 2

Rijndael’s Algorithm Algorithm can be applied to additional block sizes and key sizes but its not part of the standard No weak or semi-weak keys identified by Cryptanalysts Zero key scheduling time Stronger S-Box structure 1/29/2005 Anshuman Sinha <> 3

Rijndael’s Algorithm one_round (state, roundkey) { byte substitution (state) row shifting (state) column mixing (state) round key addition (state) } No Fiestal structure in each round 1/29/2005 Anshuman Sinha <> 4

Rijndael’s Algorithm Rijndael’s has three different layers Linear mixing layer The non-linear layer Key mixing layer According to Wide Trail Strategy [Da95], such a design provides resistance to linear and differential cryptanalysis 1/29/2005 Anshuman Sinha <> 5

AES Java Card 2.2 New AES (FIPS – 197) API targeted for Java Card 2.2 New Java Card Interface to handle AES Key public interface AESKey extends SecretKey New key Types to handle AES Keys Class LENGTH_AES_128 LENGTH_AES_192 LENGTH_AES_256 1/29/2005 Anshuman Sinha <> 6

AES Java Card 2.2 New key types to build AES Keys TYPE_AES TYPE_AES_TRANSIENT_DESELECT TYPE_AES_TRANSIENT_RESET 1/29/2005 Anshuman Sinha <> 7

AES Java Card 2.2 1/29/2005 Anshuman Sinha <> 8

AES Java Card 2.2 New signature using AES algorithm ALG_AES_128_CBC_NOPAD ALG_AES_128_ECB_NOPAD Padding not defined for AES signature Should be added in later specifications 1/29/2005 Anshuman Sinha <> 9

AES Modes DES specified for ECB and CBC in Java Card AES chaining modes under specification by NIST Proposal for New Modes of Operation have been invited by NIST 14 proposals open for public comments 1/29/2005 Anshuman Sinha <> 10

AES Applications USIM Authentication to the Mobile Networks Replacement to DES – Moore’s Law Network operators, with mobile banking application might be the first customers Recommended by NIST (FIPS – 197) 1/29/2005 Anshuman Sinha <> 11

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