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Published on July 24, 2014

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AECA was founded in 1993 as a medium voltage electrical engineering, 20 years later AECA has become an international group.

We offer specialized engineering solutions in renewable energy, energy efficiency and water treatment under the turnkey concept.

AECA Group has an extensive line of innovative products and services to both private industry and services.

Our international presence on five continents allows us to access the latest High-technologies and offer our solutions wherever our customers need it.

Developing Environmental Solutions

Contents Origins Vision Mission & Values In the World What we do Solutions for Individuals Solutions for Enterprises Some clients Some References Sustainable development

Origins AECA was founded in 1993 as a medium voltage electrical engineering, 20 years later AECA has become an international group. We offer specialized engineering solutions in renewable energy, energy efficiency and water treatment under the turnkey concept. AECA Group has an extensive line of innovative products and services to both private industry and services. Our international presence on five continents allows us to access the latest High- technologies and offer our solutions wherever our customers need it.

Vision, Mission & Values Vision: As we believe in a future based on sustainable economic development, going forward in parallel with human welfare and environmental protection, AECA Group contribution is to provide improving energy efficiency solutions to the market through two ways: consumption optimization (energy demand) and increasing the use of renewable energy sources (power supply). Mission: AECA Group’s mission and all its subsidiaries is to provide environmental solutions for industry and service sectors, focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energy and water treatment, all this is proposed according to the "turnkey" concept both domestically and internationally. In AECA Group we allocates part of our profits into charity projects for sustainable development. Values: Innovation, Proximity, Professionalism, Social Responsibility.

Spain (Headquarters) France Egypt Saudi Arabia India Malaysia Singapore Cambodia Dominican Republic Mexico Ecuador In the World Developing Environmental Solutions The strength and the experience of an international group at the service of the companies.

What we do

AECA Group performs "turnkey" projects From residential projects to large scale facilities, AECA Group team can provide renewable energy solutions. ONE CLIENT, ONE TAILORED SOLUTION

We provide consulting, management and implementation energy efficiency and savings solutions. LED Lighting Save up to 80% in your electricity bill. Insulation solutions From 3 to 10ºC of cool in summer and +3ºC in winter.. Domotics & inmótics The combination of LED technology with Automation creates countless situations where it leaves very profitable to make a LED project. Electric vehicle and Charger Allows electric vehicle battery charging. The 100% electric vehicle is the future alternative to mobility and urban transport, thanks to the use of clean and efficient energy. Heater thermodynamic Get up to 70% savings on your energy bill. Batteries reactive compensation Compensates accurately reactive energy consumed. The energy savings obtained can range between 20% and 80% without loosing any current service.

Allows the client to outsource the optimization, management and energy facilities modernization while minimizing the negative results impact that represents the energy prices evolution. In this way the client can focus their resources on their core business while earning a profit. Enenrgy Building certifications We developed IPMVP protocols, energy measurement and verification, accepted internationally. Certified Measurement & Verification Professional Aeca Group is one of the few engineerings certified with the CMVP, allowing us to conduct energy audits internationally. Certifications: Project with Aeca 1 single representative Suministros energéticos Consultoría ingeniería Financiación y subvenciones Instaladores Proveedores ClienteAECA Engineering: Experts in high and low voltage. From SMEs to Big infrastructure projects rely on us to carry out the high and low voltage projects. · HVAC installation projects. · Energy consumption studies. · Acoustic studies and certifications. · Telecommunications Community Infrastructure (ICT). · Underground power lines location . · Thermographic studies. · Activities licensing (public works, hotels, garages, nursing homes ...). Energy diagnosis and audit · Annual energy advice service to businesses. · Optimizing your energy bills by contracting and parameters negotiation for electricity best price. · Detection of consumer saving points and energy enhancement option proposal.

Aware that water is a scarce commodity in AECA Group we develop water treatment solutions, water purification and water savings for individuals and large infrastructure. Water Purifier Storm water recoverer Waste water recoverer Watermaker Water saving systems Soils decontamination

Aeca Group proposes different solutions to meet the needs of each sector. .

Solutions for Hotels Solar fotovoltaic LED Lighting Diagnosis & energy audit Solar thermal Domotics Financing Geothermal Insulation Solutions Aquathermal Electric vehicle chargers Reactive Power Compensation

Solutions for Construction sector Solar fotovoltaic LED Lighting Solar thermal Domotics Geothermal Insulation Solutions Aquathermal Thermodynamic water heater Aerothermal

Solutions for schools Solar fotovoltaic LED Lighting Diagnosis & energy audit Solar thermal Insulation Solutions Financing

Solutions for Industrial Sector Solar fotovoltaic Diagnosis & energy audit Potabilizador de agua Solar thermal Certifications Waste water recoverer Biomass Financing Domotics Biogas Engineering Mantenance & facilities LED Lighting Reactive Power Compensation

Solucions for individuals Solar fotovoltaic LED lightning Water Purifier Solar Thermal Domotics Water saving systems Geothermal Insulation solutions Storm water recoverer Aquathermal Electric vehicle chargers Aerothermal Thermodynamic water heater Wind Power

Solar Fotovoltaic Solar Thermal Geothermal Aquathermal LED lightning Domotics Insulation solutions Electric vehicle chargers Reactive power compensation Diagnosis & energy audit Financing Solutions for Services Sector


Within the field of photovoltaic solar energy, AECA group has developed specific solutions for both industrial roofing projects and solar farms projects, always guaranteeing the maximum return on each project and offering the maximum guarantees whatever the solutions: •Isolated projects, where the energy produced is used to satisfy the energy needs of the building, for it’s own consumption. •On-grid projects, whose main purpose is to sell the energy produced to the electric company. Focusing on solar photovoltaic projects, we lead photovoltaic projects with a clear potential for economic viability for future investors. Transform Sun Energy into electricity Aeca Group is able to offer solutions from 3KW to 50 MW. Photovoltaic solar energy

Photovoltaic solar energy The choice of a design office that offers a guarantee of technical and financial support knowledge is crucial for some project issues. Therefore it is essential that the commercial offer for a consultancy company project integrates technical and financial modeling, always calculated on a solid and experienced base. • Installation’s technical design. • Profitability calculations. • Financing options. • Administrative and connection with the electric company • Company process and contract performance. • Building management. • Maintenance services. (production daily monitoring ...). • Monitoring of the implementation. AECA Group as EPC (Engineering, procurement and construction) company, helps to maximize the renewable plants performance with a precise needs definition:

Photovoltaic solar energy That is why our customers don’t have to worry about any proceedings after signing the contract, AECA Group does the thinking part. AECA Group is responsible of administrative procedures, of obtaining the connection points with the electric company, of purchasing the materials, of installing preliminary charges studies and construction, maintenance etc… always with the most qualified professionals. AECA Group delivers “turn key” solar projects

Certified Measurement & Verification Professional AECA Group performs "turnkey" projects for energy savings in order to adjust its energy consumption to their needs, while maintaining the highest level of service that requires their facilities. AECA Group Energy Services offers the following services: •Energy audit •Energy diagnostic •Energy plans •Processing subsidies AECA Group has focused its expertise in the tertiary sectors although it has also successfully developed energy efficiency solutions in industries. Aeca Group is one of the few engineerings certified with the CMVP, wich demonstrate high levels of experience, competence, and specialized knowledge of professional measurement and verification. Engineering services

Engineering services • Building connecting lines • Public Lighting • Public places facilities design. • Industrial, commercial and parking facilities design. • Temporary or interim facilities. • Install overhead and underground low voltage lines. • Generator sets installation as supplementary supply. • Technical Advisory. • Lighting Studies • Low voltage project legalization. Low voltage

Engineering services • Transformer stations with prefabricated buildings. • Transformer stations in civil works. • High Voltage Measure and reception Installations • Install and maintenance of a measure, reception and transformation facility. • High voltage project legalization. • Government agencies permits preparation and processing High voltage

Wind energy is a clean energy, producing no atmospheric emissions or pollutants in the absence of any combustion during the build process. It is an easy location technology that can be accommodated in unsuitable areas for other purposes. Allows the creation of isolated systems that can provide coverage from a single house to small isolated villages. AECA has a vast experience designing energy projects where the application of wind power generation systems is essential. Transform wind into electricity Aeca Group is able to offer as much windmills, from 50KW to 4MW each, as the tailored solution requires. Wind energy

Aeca Group, has extensive experience in design and construction of seawater desalination plants and brackish water. When the desalination reverse osmosis technology is used, this operation is performed through spiral winding membranes. This type of setup offers a high membrane surface per module. Plants have energetic scavengers that transfer the residual pressure of the lines to the rejection in the inlet line, reducing the energy needs of the plant. Convert seawater in drinkable water Aeca Group is able to offer solutions big enough to source a whole city. Desalination

We use reverse osmosis technology to treat landfill leachate. For this type of treatment, open channel modules are installed to prevent the rapid membrane fouling and constant washing cycles. The open channel technology allows effective membrane cleaning , to get: Increased service time between washes. A lower risk of membranes clogging . Increased membrane life lap. A way to take profit to the waste extracted from the leachate water we can create BIOGAS. Convert polluted water into drinkable water Aeca Group is able to offer solutions to overtake the polluted water generated by a landfill Leachate treatment

Urban and industrial sewage require appropriate treatment and sizing according to the inflow water and according to the physical chemical and biological parameters of the water to be treated. Conventional wastewater treatment facilities steps : •Primary or physical chemical treatment. •Secondary or Biological conventional treatment (oxidation and activated sludge). •Tertiary treatment. Aeca group is able to offer 3 different technologies: • Conventional treatments • Physico - chemical treatment • BRM (membrane bioreactor ) Convert polluted water in drinkable water Aeca Group is able to offer solutions big enough to overtake a whole city. Wastewater

The soil decontamination contaminated with hydrocarbons requires a specific technology for each case, depending on whether it is an aquifer or a land washed due to the injection of treated water upstream. These soil decontamination systems are indicated for petrochemical plants and / or gas stations. Our technology is designed to be installed in containers for an easy management and easy mobility. Our soils decontamination range is: Vacuum Equipment, filtration equipment, pumping equipment. Convert dirty soil into clean and pure soil Aeca group offer a tailored solution for each customer. . Soils decontamination

AECA Group with some of its partners has developed and patented mobile technologies for water treatment. Based on the original idea of desalination plants, we have developed a photovoltaic water purification unit specifically for areas that have no electricity supply. We have models for getting drinkable water from different types of water, such as freshwater to seawater, obtaining production from 500 to 7500 liters/day, depending on the starting water, only with three photovoltaic panels. In addition, for maximum autonomy, uses no consumables. Convert seawater into drinkable water Aeca Group is aible to offer this solutions up to 7.500 liters/day. Portable water treatment Existing models: Freshwater, salinewater, seawater and emergencies unit.

H2Optima-L, which works exactly the same way than H2Optima, can reach production of up to 100,000 liters/day, depending on the type of water to be treated, Bearing into account its size, it is presented in shipping container format to facilitate the transportation. All additional elements are located within the same container, simplifying the most of your management. Convert seawater into drinkable water Aeca Group is aible to offer this solution up to 100.000 liters/day. Portable water treatment

It can be used for hot water production, either medical, heating, or mechanical energy production, and from it, energy supply. Additionally it can be used to feed a refrigeration machine by absorption. The advantages of this solution are: Autonomous and decentralized. Free and inexhaustible source. Very low maintenance requirements. Respects the environment: stops emitting about half a kilo of CO2 into the atmosphere for every kW generated. AECA has developed with one of its partners, a revolutionary concept of concentrating solar thermal power, is an ideal product for the production of water at 90º. Transform solar energy into hot water Aeca Group is able to offer as much quantity of hot water at 90º as the tailored solution requires. Each Pannel can heat 0,32 litters/second and we can add as much as we wish. Solar thermal energy

From leachate water we can obtain Biogas that can be used to generate electricity. The energy efficiency of gasification varies between 75 and 80%. The variables that determine the energy efficiency are : The composition, Calorific value, Moisture Inert content of the feedstock. AECA has developed with one of its partners a biogas solutions for our clients. Transform Waste into Biogas and then to electricity Aeca Group is able to offer solutions from 1MW into 50 MW. Biogas

Some project involvements Great investors trust in Aeca Group.

Rooftop photovoltaic installations Project Name Rooftop PV installations Solution Photovoltaic Details More than 25 rooftop installation Country Spain Millions € Project 60 MW installed 15

140 Primary Schools Project Name 140 Primary schools Solution Photovoltaic Details Rooftop Region Vendée (France) Millions € Project 10,5 MW installed 3,5

IKEA logistic Project Name IKEA Solution Photovoltaic Details Rooftop City Valls (Spain) Millions € Project 8 MW installed 4

SOLAR farms Project Name Solar farms Solution Photovoltaic Details Solar farms Country Spain Millions € Project 60 MW installed 10

High-voltage overhead lines Project Name High-voltage overhead lines Solution Engeneering Details More than 800 high-voltage overhead lines 25 to 220kV Country Spain

Sabadell Swimming Club Project Name Club Natació Sabadell Solution Engeneering Details Low voltage City Sabadell Country Spain Millions €/ Project 95

LED lighting Great investors trust in Aeca Group.

Oficinas Luminarias Pantalla 32w Downlight 22w Ahorro anual 68% Proyecto 50,000€ Amortización 1 año y 8 meses (instalación nueva) Para la sede central de Deloitte se colaboró en la reforma completa de sus oficinas

Hospitales Luminarias Pantalla 32w Downlight 22w Ahorro anual 64% Proyecto 250,000€ Amortización 2 años y 4 meses Proyecto de remodelación en fases de todas las zonas públicas del Hospital de Bellvitge

Hoteles Luminarias MR16 7w cálido Ahorro anual 88% Proyecto 20,000€ Amortización 6 meses Actuación de áreas públicas del Hotel Dolçe Sitges

Industria Luminarias Campana 160w Foco 500w Ahorro anual 59% Proyecto 50,000€ Amortización 2 año y 3 meses Lograr pasar de 200lux a 1000lux en zona de trabajo para maquinaria nueva.

Parkings Luminarias Tubo 20w MR16 7w Ahorro anual 71% Proyecto 25,000€ Amortización 1 año y 9 meses Actuación en el parking, despachos. Mejora de calidad lumínica y gran ahorro.

Thus we allocate part of the profits in energy infrastructure and water purification in developping countries. Our customers a re involved in the investment decision process. Sustainable development Our first cooperation project is a partnership with the NGO Haribala Mataró. Haribala Project "Child of God" is the construction, by the NGO Haribala, of a shelter for poor children, abandoned and orphaned in the Kurnool district (India). AECA’s project is to provide and install a solar photovoltaic plant of 30 kW and solar water pumping systerms to bring near an easier life to children of the. AECA Group through this initiative aims to bring energy where it is needed. Taking advantage of AECA’s presence in many developing countries with basic infrastructure needs. AECA Group team wanted to commit to help the most disadvantaged.

Thank you for your attention. Developing Environmental Solutions Headquarter Av. Barcelona, 221 08222 , Terrassa Barcelona (SPAIN) Tel: (+34) 93 783 62 00 Fax: (+34) 93 785 42 35

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