Advices for patients on warfarin

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Published on February 14, 2014

Author: yapa87



Advices for patients on warfarin

Advices given for the patients on warfarin 1 tab=5mg white in color Adverse effects 1. Bleeding 2. Epistaxis 3. Haematuria 4. Malena 5. Gum bleeding 6. Excess bleeding from cut injuries 7. Severe headaches/numbness/ faintishness 8. Menorrhagia 9. Purpura Using warfarin during pregnancy→ fetal defects Adequacy of warfarin dose is measured by PT/INR. Target value is different for different diseases. Recommended dose should be used. Tablets can be used before/ after meals Should use tablets on same time in everyday. Better to take at 6 pm daily. If the drug was forgotten, take it on the same day. If could not, you should not double the dose next day. Should not discontinue without medical advice. Should inform every doctor who treats you ( dentist/pharmacist) even in a mild illness about warfarin therapy, specially before surgery. Inform your doctor whether you are pregnant or willing for a pregnancy. Avoid sports that can cause severe injuries to prevent severe bleeding. But athletics, badminton can be continued. Avoid cut/head injuries as much as posible. Instances where activity of warfarin can be changed Foods containing high vit-K levels (beef, green color leaves, vegetables-spinach/ cabbage Vit K supplements. Therefore try to maintain the vit K levels of diet in a stable level as much as possible High alcohol consumption Should not change/ take any drug without informing a doctor. Never use aspirin/ aspirin containing drugs without prescription by a doctor. Any disease/ disease with weight changes can change the warfarin activity Always keep a card in your pocket indicating that you are on warfarin in case of emergency Early medical treatment with signs of bleeding. Attend clinic regularly. Get PT/ INR checked as advised in the clinic. High falls/ head injuries, make referals for intracranial bleeding. Prepared based on the ward teachings- Yapa Wijeratne M/07/189

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