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Information about Advice

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: stephanieablack


give examples of when and who people ask for advice  What types of problems do people have?  What problems do students have? 

Things to remember about asking for and giving advice:     1. "Advise" is a verb. Example: "I advise you to learn English. You will undoubtedly need it in your higher studies" 2. "Advice" is a noun. Example: "My father gave me this piece of advice when I was young: never give up" 3. "Ought to" has nearly the same meaning as "should". The only difference is that "ought to " refers to a moral or external obligation but should is more of an advice. Example: "You ought to stop smoking." "You should stop smoking." 4. "You'd better" is the short form of "you had better" Example: "You'd better see a doctor!" = "You had better see the doctor"

    Student:I'm terrible at English and I think I should do something about it. What do you advise me to do? Teacher:I think you should try this website. It's a fantastic website for beginners. Student:I've heard about it, but what do you think I should start with? Teacher:You'd better start with the lessons.Then, try the exercises.

Advice column DEAR ABBY: I'm a married father of two very young children (2 and 6 months). I have excessive student loan debt that is making my life extremely tough, and between that, day care and my mortgage, I'm on the brink of bankruptcy. My mother is extremely wealthy. She is very involved with my family and we both do things to help each other out. I mow the grass in her large yard every week.She sees me struggling, yet she makes no offer to help financially. I am becoming resentful about it. If she helped, it would not change her lifestyle at all. My wife's family is the opposite. Her parents aren't wealthy, but they have done everything within their power to help their children. I know how I will treat my kids.Am I wrong to feel resentment because my mother has decided differently? Or should I just "grow up"? -- FRUSTRATED IN NORTH CAROLINA  DEAR FRUSTRATED: If you have discussed with your mother that you are under extreme financial pressure and she has refused to help, then I can see why you might feel some resentment. My question is, have you talked to her about it? That would be the "grown-up" thing to do. The worst she can say is no. If she does, what you will need to do is take a part-time job to help with the bills - even if it means you mow your mother's lawn less often. 

Give advice for these problems  I have been with my boyfriend for almost four years, We are going to get married next year but, he never talks about his feelings - he keeps everything inside of him.

      I hate school. I skip it almost every day. Luckily, I am a smart person. Only the people who really know me know about my strange feelings. My parents don't care. What I end up doing is sleeping all day and then staying up all night talking to my girlfriend. I get behind in my work . I have given up on trying to go back and am considering dropping out altogether. I really don't want to do that because I realize it would ruin my life. I don't want to go back at all. I am so confused and I have really tried to go back and I hate it. What should I do? Please help.

More Problems I feel very tired these days.  My neighbors are too noisy  I can’t sleep at nights.  My boy/girlfriend is angry with me.  My boss keeps asking to go on a date.  I have a crush on someone, but they don’t know   

Write your problem on a piece of paper, don’t use your name  I will collect the papers  We will discuss some as a class  Then we will divide in groups of two and the groups will make a solution to the problem  Then we will share with the class 

Group Project Brainstorm: What types of problems do people have? (for example: family problems, friend problems)  Divide into groups, each group is assigned one area with problems  Act out some problems and solutions  Make a poster with advice about how to do well in this area (example: Call your parents at least once a week) 

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