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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: caitlinejm

Source: slideshare.net

As I did a second and final digi pack cover and I’m no longer using the first edit I’m going to use the photo from the first edit of the album as I had a positive feedback from the image. I’m going to use a similar layout to my plan of my digi pack. I’m experimenting with the effects on the font as I don’t want it to be boring and I want it to standout, I think the faded font is working best against the dark photo and I feel it is doing the job I want it to With wanting to make my text interesting I had many styles and effects to choose from and I pick 5 to compare to each so I know which one I like, I asked a few more people too so I could get more opinions on what works best, I decided on number 3 and it was one if the easiest ones to read, as I didn’t want people not knowing the name. Trying to consider my placement of my text because when doing the research I got inspiration from the arctic monkeys and their work is always simple so the placement is key. I’m trying out different skills and trying to make the advert simple but still creative so I am trying to put the text being the model to see if that works and makes it look interesting. However after trying this I don’t feel like it works that well as the photo is quite dark and I don’t want to take away from the image I’m slowly adding more text and considering the placement and playing around to see what works best, I think the middle works best as even though I don’t want to take away from the picture it still is an advert and I need it to grab people’s attention and I feel the middle does this

I’m working with the shape, tone, placement and typography to try make it slightly different and so it’s not boring and all the same text. I like how it’s going as I do think that because the white text stands out that and the facts that they are different sizes and tones it makes it stand out more I converted it into a JPEG file and opened it up in InDesign to add extra small features to make it more interesting. I added a line below some of the text, I got this idea from the arctic monkeys back cover if the digipack, I thought it would work on my advert as I think that it links it together and adds another layer for someone to look at making it less boring and two dimensional I am changing my name of the band as I kept it to the original name; I have renamed the band ‘anything’ so I have to change the name on my digipack and my advert. I thought that my first edit of the advert was very successful so I am trying to duplicate what I first made Overall I do like how my advert has worked out, I got the main idea form my original digipack idea before I changed it and I liked the design and still wanted to put it to use, however I made it more interesting. I think my advert reflects the genre of my song and I think works very well with the low lighting and minimal writing. I think the photo works well as it is similar to my music video which is the main feature of the album so it links them together nicely. Even though I think it was worked well I am going to ask other peoples opinion to see if they think it is an effective advert to gather other peoples opinion and from there I might come back to it and add certain aspects that I have missed

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