Advertising research & its use to business today-Compiled by AMR Group (Marketing Research in Vietnam - Nghien cuu thi truong Vietnam)

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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: AMRGroup



Most major companies serving either consumer or business markets have huge budgets set aside for advertising their products or services. Such advertising can be aimed at promoting specific products or at changing or modifying the image of a particular brand. Alternatively, the advertising can be aimed at improving, or in some way changing the image of companies or organizations. VINAMR Marketing Research & Consultants provide world class lean, focused and reliable research that helps brands bloom in Vietnam

Advertisingresearch&itsusetobusiness today Most majorcompanies serving eitherconsumerorbusinessmarketshavehuge budgets setasidefor advertising theirproducts or services. Such advertising can beaimed at promoting specificproducts or at changing ormodifyingthe image of a particularbrand.Alternatively, the advertising can be aimed at improving,orinsomewaychangingtheimageofcompaniesororganizations. The amount spent on advertising, the potentialbenefits of good advertising, as well as the dangers of adopting the wrong advertising strategy, make thorough research of each aspect of advertising essential. Eachsuccessfuladvertisingcampaignisclearlyalogicalpartofawider marketingandsaleseffort,orof a corporate identity drive.Suchefforts start with an understanding of the strengths and weaknessesof each brand and manufacturer operating in the market. These are the strengths and weaknesses as perceived by customers, or potential customer and not those that are imagined to exist by company employees,whooftenhaveaninaccurateideaofhowtheircompanyorproductsareperceived.Inthis respect Usage and Attitude surveys, as well as market segmentation studies can help companies definethemarketingandsalesopportunitiesthatreallyexist. From the results of such research, the need for a marketing and sales effort incorporating advertising canemerge.Ifthisisthecase,thenanadvertisingstrategyhastobedevelopedtoexploitthemarketing opportunitythatexists. Advertising agencies canoftendevelop severalideasthat couldbeused to aid creative staff to begin this process and to check, at various stages that the creative direction is likely to have the desired effect, an in-depth understanding of the perceptions and motivations of customers is required.Forthis,groupdiscussionsareusuallyundertaken.insomecasesbyplannersorresearchers employedbytheadvertisingagency,andinsomecasesbyoutsideconsultants. Thisprocessmayinvolveseveralelementsofresearchcheckingatvarious stagesinthedevelopment of the advertising, and will usually involve discussion with the client decider on the next stage in the refinementanddevelopmentofamorefinishedadvertisingcampaign. In the UK,this pretesting of advertising ideas isusually conducted through qualitative researchandnot quantitativetechniques.Thisissomewhatstrange,asinothercountries,quantitativemethodsareused more widely to test the communication points of individual advertisements. However, effective quantitative techniques can only be used when advertisements are in a near finished format. At this stage, some voices might whisper a negative result which contradicts the previous qualitative finding, leading to some red faces in the advertising agency. While this may indeed be somewhat uncharitable,itwouldseemsensible,atleast,toemployindependentqualitativeresearchexpertstogive an outside view on the work of the agency. Otherwise, advertising personnel are placed in an impossible position of attempting to provide impartial research and in some cases, criticizing theirown work. Onceanadvertisingcampaignhasbeenagreedbetweentheclientandtheagency.Dateswillbefixed fortheadvertisingtostart. At thisstage, quantitativetechniques canbeused totesttheeffectivenessof thecommunicationpointsandthememorabilityoftheadvertising.Mostfamousoftheseisthedayafter recall'test(DARforshort).Asthenameimplies,thedayafterthefirstadvertisementisshown,asample ofpeoplewhosawtherelevantTVprogram(duringwhichtheadvertisementwasfirstshown)wouldbe contacted and asked which advertisements they recall and what messages were conveyed. These DAR'scome close to quantitativeadvertisingpretesting. However, inthe USAtheirimportance is such that campaigns have been instantly cancelled following bad DAR results and agencies fired. It is

probablymoreaccuratetoconcludethatabadDARresultmightpointtoaneedforcloserexamination oftheeffectivenessoftheearlypartofthecampaign,ratherthaninstantcancellation. While US style DAR surveys should not be used as a main measure of the effectiveness of an advertisingcampaign,UKstylepre-andpost-advertisingsurveysseemequallyinadequate.Forthistype of research,a large sampleof peopleare interviewed before the start of theadvertising campaignand asked questionstodeterminethelevelsofawarenessandimageofthebrandor company.Exactlythe same exercise is conducted immediatelyafter the end of theadvertising,andchanges which have occurred between the pre-and the post-stage can be isolated. However, such research cannot reveal what has happened during the campaign. Data could show whether the increase in awareness and changes inimagehappenedgraduallyoverthelifeofthecampaign,orwhethersuchashiftcouldhave been achieved with a shorter and/or cheaper campaign. In addition, the research cannot show what happens in the months after the end of the campaign, only whether the changes in awareness or attitudes are short or long - lived. This 'wear out' can be crucial in coming to a final verdict on the campaignanddecidingonthenextadvertisingmoveanditstiming. For this reason, advertising tracking surveys are increasing in popularity. They provide a more continuous monitor of the advertising, and changes in awareness and attitudes to the brand or companybefore,duringandaftertheadvertisinghasbeencompleted.Itisalsopossibletolinkchanges inadvertisingawarenesstothetotalspendontheadvertisingortelevisionratings(TVR's). TheAMRGroupisanexpertinVietnamanditsmarkets.Theteamislocalbutwithinternationaltraining and experience, operating to global standards. The AMR Group helps brands bloom in Vietnam throughlean,focused&reliablemarketingresearchfromVINAMRMarketingResearch&Consultants; marketing & brand strategy with AMR. VINAMR Marketing Research & Consultants provide world class lean, focused and reliable research through deep understanding of the brief, internationalquality field, professionaldatahandling & decision-orientated analysis, action focused recommendation. AMR useinsightsfromVINAMRMarketingResearch&Consultantstodelivereffectivemarketing&branding consulting,retailconsulting&training,seminar&training:BrandWar CompiledbyAMRGroup(updatedon2014) Source:buyingmarketresearch–Keynotepublications Formorearticles, Forenquiries,; Connectus:  

ThisarticleiscompiledbyAMRGrouptoprovideupdatedinformationonmarkets.AMRGroupputsthe bestefforttoobtainthemostaccurateandtimelyinformationavailablefromvariousreliablesources.The article should be best considered a reference and indicative only. It is not an offer or advice for any actionsrelatedtoanyassets.AMRGroupprovidesnowarrantyorundertakingofanykindinrespectto the information and materials found with, or linked to the report and no obligation to update the informationafterthereportwasreleased.AMRGroupdoesnotbearanyresponsibilityforthecompiled information,oranyconsequencesarisingfromitsuse.

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