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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: khalidinho96


Camera Shot/Angle/Editing: Magazine Advert: Case Study 1 A mid-shot is used in this advert so we can focus on her facial expression and body language more easily. I will make sure that the camera shot of the picture used in my advert is a mid-shot to emphasis on my artist’s body language. An eye level angle is used to help interact with the audience but Rihanna isn’t looking at the camera at all and what makes it worse is that she’s wearing sunglasses. I think this works for her type of hip/hop conventions but I would prefer to have my artist looking at the camera directly to help draw in my target audience.In the editing process she probably had some airbrushing done to her face to remove spots and wrinkles. I will make sure that I airbrush my magazine advert to make the image more visually appealing. The saturation and the exposure was probably altered so that the red colours (her hair and other places) are more noticeable. Mise-En-Scen: The lighting is evenly distributed around her skin (face and arm) and that was probably done by using the light reflector in a photography studio. She’s wearing a big furry coat that looks expensive (a bit like the one used in the park scene in my music video) looks very attractive. She’s also wearing red shaded sunglasses while looking away from the camera which looks a bit suspicious/dangerous (red represents danger). Rihanna is also wearing a silver ring in her left thumb and also a pink flower (probably a ring as well on her middle finger, while making a funny gun shaped pose with her hand. I want my artist to do something with her hands so that is doesn’t look boring. Rihanna is also wearing a noticeable amount of make-up on her face (especially on her forehead) probably to cover up some spots. I want my artist to look more natural than this by wearing less make-up. In all magazine adverts the title right at the top has to be of the artist’s name (Rihanna). The masterhead goes across the whole page at the top. I should make the masterhead of my advert like this. The colour scheme of this advert is red (Rihanna’s hair), brown (her coat and skin), and white (the text) and this is consistent throughout the whole page and also on her CD cover, which is shown below. Ignore the watermark that came with the image. Her album name is placed below to show that Rihanna’s name is more important than anything else in this advert. The text is slightly bigger than her name to make sure that no one misses it when skim reading that magazine. Rihanna’s album cover is also placed at the bottom right hand side of the page. It is placed so that you can compare the image used in the CD cover to the advert and also to get people excited about the album by showing off the art (pictures) used in it. This album cover is placed on top of this rectangular strip on the page which has text about the album itself. I want to replicate this layering method myself in a way just as professional as this.

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