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Information about adverbs & expressions of frequency

Published on February 21, 2014

Author: handeakyel3



A basic slide show to study frequency adverbs and expressions of frequency.

Frequency Adverbs (Sıklık Zarfları) 100%-always-usually-generally-oftensometimes-occasionally-seldomhardly ever-never- 0%

have breakfast? I always have breakfast in the morning. 100%-always-usually-generally-often-sometimes-occasionally-seldom-hardly ever-never- 0%

eat fast food? I usually eat fast food. 100%-always-usually-generally-often-sometimes-occasionally-seldom-hardly ever-never- 0%

eat fruit or green vegetables? I often eat fruit and green vegetables. 100%-always-usually-generally-often-sometimes-occasionally-seldom-hardly ever-never- 0%

sleep 8 hours a day? I sometimes sleep 8 hours a day. 100%-always-usually-generally-often-sometimes-occasionally-seldom-hardly ever-never- 0%

do sports? I rarely do sports. 100%-always-usually-generally-often-sometimes-occasionally-seldom-hardly ever-never- 0%

go to the cinema? I occasionally go to the cinema. 100%-always-usually-generally-often-sometimes-occasionally-seldom-hardly ever-never- 0%

go out with your friends? I generally go out with my friends. 100%-always-usually-generally-often-sometimes-occasionally-seldom-hardly ever-never- 0%

We use “frequency adverbs” to say how often we do an activity. 100%-always-usually-generally-oftensometimes-occasionally-seldom-hardly ever-never-0%

The Position of the Adverb in a Sentence • An adverb of frequency goes before a main verb (except with To Be). Subject + Adverb + Main Verb I always remember to do my homework. He normally gets good marks in exams. e.g. get up / she / early / never She never gets up early.

An adverb of frequency goes after the verb To Be. Subject + to be (am, is, are) + adverb They are never pleased to see me. She isn't usually bad tempered. e.g. we / hardly ever / be late for school. We are hardly ever late for school.

LET’S PRACTISE! • • • • • • • • • • • • They eat meat and fish. (hardly ever) They hardly ever eat meat and fish. They take medicine. (never) They never take medicine. I am stressed. (sometimes) I am sometimes stressed. She reads the paper. (always) She always reads the paper. People in Okinava eat soya. (often) People in Okinava often eat soya. They are positive. (always) They are always positive.

More expressions of frequency... • Every day week month year Monday March I go on a diet every Monday. I go to the cinema every week.

These expressions of frequency go at the end of the sentences. • Once (x1) a week • a month • a year • I go to the gym once a week. • Twice(x2) a week • a month • a year • I do housework twice a week.

• Three times (x3) a week • a month • a year • I go to work in the evening three times a week. • Four times (x4) • • a week a month a year • I go out with my friends three times a month.

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