Adventure and beauty of Ethiopia Tours

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Information about Adventure and beauty of Ethiopia Tours

Published on March 25, 2019

Author: remotexpeditions


slide 1: Adventure and beauty of Ethiopia Tours. A country located in the Horn of Africa is the largest with the capital being Addis Adaba. The oldest evidence of modern human is found in Ethiopia. The nation consists of 80 different Ethnic groups with two biggest ethnic groups being Oromo and Amhara. A beautiful country with bountiful wildlife and lush terrains is how you can define it the best. There are a number of things to do in this naturalistic place in every season. Out of which is having the best adventure photo tours. Let’s get into the depth of the beauty culture and the sovereignty of this nation. Places to visit in Ethiopia 1. Rock- Hewn churches of Lalibela Situated in the heart of Ethiopia is sightseeing also known as a spot of pilgrimage and devotion. This sightseeing is located in a mountainous part with two main groups of churches. Rock-Hewn Churches of Lalibela is a must-see attraction especially if anyone is fond of unique kinds of architecture. 2. Simien Mountains national park Wildlife and the amazing scenery of natural beauties are what this famous sightseeing is all about. Simien mountains national park is a perfect solution for you. The mountains peaks precipices and deep valleys give more astonishing views to this miracle place. 3. Lake Tana Bahar Dar An incredible place for both locals and tourists to visit and explore. If you travel to Ethiopia you should definitely visit this spot. You can visit the monastery boat travel on the lake enjoy the breathtaking scenery glance through the paintings and old buildings. 4. Debre Berhan Selassie Church Gonder One of the most visited places in Ethiopia which is best known for its painting on its ceiling. This orthodox church has an impressive exterior. The entrance door is double-arched with the interior decor based on paintings covering the ceiling and the walls of the attraction. Things to do in Ethiopia slide 2: You will not find many countries managing to impress their visitors in a way that Ethiopia does. Their breathtaking natural beauty diverse culture soulful people delicious and finger licking cuisine and endemic wildlife are the top reasons to visit this place. Out of which few reasons are : 1. Feel the heat at the Danakil depression 2. Meet the locals in the Omo Valley 3. Feed the hyenas at the historic town of Harar Jegol 4. Visit the Gondar castle 5. Experience the nature’s creation at Sof Omar Caves Reasons to choose RemoteXpeditions for Ethiopia Remotexpeditions offers a mixture of beauty history and culture of the Ethiopia tours. They present a rare chance for photographers to document fascinating cultures that are not viewed by from centuries. You get to meet diverse people who distinguish themselves with elaborate body paint scarification and lip plates. Highlights of the Ethiopia trip Draw out the uniqueness highlight of the country by combining the northern and southern parts of Ethiopia. - Frame a wide array of subjects from bustling village markets - Visit the churches of Lalibela - Visit the villages of the Kara Mursi Arbori Hamar Dassanech and Suri tribes. - Photography of the disappearing cultural traditions: The camel caravans the nomadic Afar tribe. - Visit the Erta Ale that holds the largest living lava lake in the world. About RemoteXpeditions Born with a desire to share their photographic and unusual experience they as an adventure travel company travel with the aim of making their adventure tour a memorised one. Their main focus is to have proper interaction with local people who are isolated and have no certain understanding of what is happening around. As travel photographers you get to develop a habit of believing in the transformation of the human race as well as in the diversity of being the greatest thing to experience. Remotexpeditions are the most viewed and recognized adventurous site that also offer a custom adventure that is personalized for students photographers families and independent travellers. Visit:

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