Advantages of cotton satin fabric

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Information about Advantages of cotton satin fabric

Published on October 28, 2016

Author: Gardenvareli


1. Advantages of Cotton Satin Fabric Did you know that Satin dates back to the Middle Ages and originated in Quanzhou (a port city in China) which was also known as ’Zayton’ by the Arabs? It got its name from the place it originated. This is actually a weave derived from silk and used to be a very expensive fabric in that era and thus was only purchased by the upper class. This post offers you a quick sneak peek into everything you wanted to know about satin. Continue reading to know about the advantages of cotton satin fabric. By 12th century, the popularity of this lustrous fabric had spread across Europe. Because of its luxury features, it soon became the chosen fabric for the royal robes in England. Even today this luxury fabric has maintained its standard. People today hugely prefer exquisite satin bed sheets and upholstery, sophisticated wedding gowns, for which it is considered to be a staple. Besides, cotton satin fabric dresses are available in abundance in an array of patterns and designs. You can check out some fabulous cotton satin fabric dresses at Gardenvareli. Presently, cotton satin fabric is commonplace and has risen to prominence so much so that it is used in manufacturing garments and bed sheets to foot wears and cushioning. One thing that has considerably changed about Satin over the years it has become affordable, thus making it possible for people from all walks of life to buy it. When it comes to fashion, nothing can beat cotton satin fabric. Because of the fact that the fabric has a high durability value, it is also used for sports apparel like athletic tracks and jackets, shorts as well as ballet shoes.

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