Advancing the Work from Home Option

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Published on October 15, 2014

Author: LaurenHaywardSchaefe



Birds of a Feather session from the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing on advancing the work from home option. Slides include links to studies on remote work.

1. #GHC14 #WorkFromHome @Lauren_Schaefer Advancing the Work from Home Option Lauren Schaefer October 9, 2014 #GHC14 #WorkFromHome @Lauren_Schaefer 2014 2014

2. My Story from Home #GHC14 #WorkFromHome @Lauren_Schaefer 2014

3. Goals  Build a work from home community  Share tips and techniques for being successful work from home employees  Develop a plan of action for making working from home a standard option for new employees #GHC14 #WorkFromHome @Lauren_Schaefer 2014

4. What's Your Story?  Break into groups of 3 to 5  Introduce yourself  Share why you work from home or why you chose to attend this session  Select a note taker #GHC14 #WorkFromHome @Lauren_Schaefer 2014

5. Group Discussion  What are the keys to success when working from home? - Consider advertising your work, staying energized, fighting loneliness, advancing your career, etc.  How can we make working from home a standard option for new employees so that women who are unable to relocate can take advantage of new job opportunities? - Begin by identifying problems, concerns, or obstacles if you don't have solutions #GHC14 #WorkFromHome @Lauren_Schaefer 2014

6. Stats in Favor of WFH • • “Home working led to a 13% performance increase” •• Summary of multiple studies • Improves productivity, recruiting, employee morale, cost savings • • “Professional isolation…reduces turnover intentions” •• “Home-based and main office workers reported similar levels of WLB [work life balance] support…reported similar levels of job satisfaction” • • “Telecommuting significantly increases employee productivity, work-life flexibility #GHC14 #WorkFromHome @Lauren_Schaefer 2014 and job satisfaction”

7. Stats Not in Favor of WFH •• Summary of multiple studies • Fear of stalling career, isolation, distractions, #blurredlines between work & #GHC14 #WorkFromHome @Lauren_Schaefer 2014 home life • “Employees must be empowered and trusted to do their jobs. If the culture doesn’t allow that, a telecommuting program will likely fail.” • • “Professional isolation negatively impacts job performance.” • • “In comparison to subordinates with managers in a traditional work mode, work experiences and outcomes are generally less positive for subordinates with teleworking managers who spend a portion of the week away from the office, and they are lower as well for subordinates with virtual managers who are away from the office full time.”

8. Studies with WFH Suggestions • #GHC14 #WorkFromHome @Lauren_Schaefer 2014 at-home.html • How companies can overcome the challenges of WFH: “Enrich the employee experience…designate times to connect…develop criteria and provide choices… offer the right tools” • %20of%20Managerial%20Psych%20Whitepaper.pdf • “Organizations must take action to improve the workplace inclusion of employees who work away from the main office…regular meetings, meet face-to-face, job location rotations.” • home-2/ • 22 steps for successfully working from home • • Guide to implementing remote work at your office

9. Got Feedback? Rate and Review the session using the GHC Mobile App To download visit #GHC14 #WorkFromHome @Lauren_Schaefer 2014

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