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Published on June 3, 2008

Author: lars3loff



A short look on Day's Advanced Collaboration for Communiqué 4 and an outlook what Social Collab for Communiqué 5 will offer. Held by Lars Trieloff at Day's Tech Summit 2008 in Basel.

Advanced Collaboration and Beyond Day Tech Summit Basel, June 2008 Lars Trieloff, Product Manager 1

Hello, my name is Lars Trieloff  Product Manager Collaboration and Digital Asset Management Product  With Day ManagNovember 2007 since ement Department of “n:o  Background: t yet”  Open Source Software Development  Collaboration Software  Technical Documentation (DocBook)  Blogging  IT Systems Engineering 2

Collaboration in Communiqué 1999: CQ Collaboration 2007: Adv. Collaboration 2009: CQ Social Collab 3

Who needs Collaboration what is Enterprise2.0 ? meet Charlie 4

Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 User-generated content increases social relevancy of content through comments, ratings, blog entries. Increased relevancy leads to higher visitor loyalty, more page views and better communication. Enterprise 2.0 uses Social Software behind the firewall and enables collaboration across organizational silos. Content sharing leads to higher productivity and better communication. 5

Collaboration and Advanced Collaboration Two separate add-on-modules for Communiqué 4 Collaboration for Communiqué 4  Forum  Chat  Newsletter  Threaded Discussions  Polling  Surveys Advanced Collaboration for Communiqué 4  Blog  Calendar 2.0 for Web iqué  Wiki Commun 6

Calendar Features Modern look and feel Multiple views  Monthly view  Schedule view  Agenda view  Views are Configurable  Integrated into Paragraph System 7

Calendar Benefits Can be added anywhere on the site  Leverages standard CMS features workflow support Versioning Searching Access Control 8

Calendar Scenarios  Enterprise 2.0  Web 2.0  Intranet Event  External Event Calendar Calendar  Team Calendar  Calendar for Press  Team Agenda Release History  Calendar for  Calendar for Employee Meetings Stockholder Meetings  Calendar for Internal  Calendar for Board Milestone Planning Meetings  Calendar for Trade Fair Visits 9

Blog Features  Blog Entries, Comments and Permalinks  Workflow and Moderation support for Comments and Posts  Tagging and RSS feeds for Aggregation  Component-based Theming System, allows customization  “Autoblogging” aggregates external RSS or Atom feeds in one Blog 10

Blog Benefits  Shorter Publication Cycle  More personal and informal writing style  Ability to talk back  Increased identification with the site  Higher visitor stickiness 11

Blog Scenarios  Web 2.0  Enterprise 2.0  Employee blog - give a more personal view to the company  Intranet blogs  CEO blog - short circuit  Individual employee communication with blogs employees and stockholders  Team blogs  Product Launch blog - for supporting viral marketing  Replacement for activities mailing lists  Company blog - covering all of a companies products &  Replacement for services blackboard  Public Relations blog - giving announcements more insight into PR activities 12

Wiki Features  First JCR-based Enterprise Wiki  Supports HTML, WikiText and RichText  Full-Text Search, Change Observation  Hierarchical Organization, Diff Highlighting  Plugin System and Wiki Properties 13

Wiki Benefits  Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Tool  Easy to contribute content  Easy to manage and maintain  Can be customized with Look and Feel, Plugins and Macros  Lower barrier of content contribution  More user interaction possible 14

Wiki Scenarios  Enterprise 2.0  Web 2.0  Internal Employee Wiki -  Public Wiki - User- publishing user profiles, generated knowledge base address book  Public Wiki - Employee-  Lightweight Intranet - generated knowledge replace or extend an base, user commentable Intranet  Wiki Microsites - using a  Team Wikis - use it for Wiki instead of a real idea sharing, document website for microsites sharing and discussions  Customer Question Portal -  Wikis as media guides - using a Wiki instead of an integration with FAQ Communiqué DAM 15

When can I get it? Advanced Collaboration is available now. 16

Next: Social Collab 17

Communiqué SocialCollab Advanced Collaboration & Collaboration + Social Networking 18

Social Networking 19

Gadgets powered by OpenSocial 20

Federated Authentication with OpenID 21

Microformats-enabled Wiki 22

Thank you Learn more at or ask 23

Wrap-Up  Collaboration since 1999  Advanced Collaboration available now  Blogs  Wikis  Calendar  Social Collab: Next Generation Collaboration  Social Networks  Gadgets  OpenID  Microformats 24

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