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Adult Dating Ebook

Adult Dating Ebook Hookup (Adult ) dating tips and Guide 2014 (Value $499) Understand hookup online dating What You Need to Know About hookup Online Dating… First! Hookup Online dating is not all fun and games and there are a lot of things that a person has to know about online dating before one gets into the intricacies of it. Online dating may seem to be the simplest thing in the world but it is not. It should be viewed in all earnestness or things could go haywire. Every game has its rules and unless you know all the rules you just can’t become a good player and eventually a winner. Page 1

Hookup dating isn't something new, technology has just made it easier to do. While a lot of dating sites try to help people find their life partners, hookup dating sites help people meet other people who are really just interested in casual hookup. Hookup dating websites are used by a lot of different people, some people are coming off a divorce and may not want to go to a bar or club to find someone to hookup with, and also don't want to go through the traditional process of dating where you try to get to know each other before you can have sex. On a hookup dating website, you can write what you are looking for on your profile, and find someone that is looking for the same thing. A lot of people are constantly on the move these days because of work, and they don't feel they have the time to date, so they use hookup dating sites to find partners. Some people are shy or have social phobias, so they also prefer to use hookup sites to find a partner that doesn't have a problem with their social anxieties. Other people just use it as an opportunity to have sex whenever they feel like it, because they don't want to deal with the hassles of a regular relationship. The internet, smart phones, and other mobile devices make hook up dating very accessible to people all over the world, you don't have to leave your house, or pay for dinner and a movie, all you have to do is upload a picture, write down what you are looking for, and the hookup site will find someone that matches your profile within a few miles of where you are. A lot of hookup dating sites charge membership fees, while others don't. The fees vary in price but is usually less than $40 a month, there is nothing wrong with using one of the free sites, but the sites you pay for do a better job of screening and finding compatible matchups than the free ones do, so you have a better chance of getting what you are looking for. Some hookup dating sites make outrageous claims that aren't true, and are just trying to scam people that are looking for a quick hookup. Avoid getting ripped off by doing your research to make sure the site is legit if you are ever interested in signing up for a hookup site. Page 2

When you go online looking for some action, we (ideally) want you to actually get it. And we don’t want to see you go broke in the process. As you may have learned, adult online dating sites are hit or miss – but unfortunately, mostly miss. Many guys spend hundreds of dollars online chasing tail in the wrong places. We’re here to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes. On this site, you’re going to learn the following about online dating for adults:  How to avoid the MANY scams suckers fall prey to.  The top adult dating site reviews, including in-depth analysis of each site.  Adult dating reviews of sites that are complete scams.  Proven strategies and tips on how to get laid online.  How to attract, communicate with, and find HOT women online. You may not be aware of this, but there are a lot of scams in the online dating world. There are tons of hookup sites that appear to be great places to meet women, but are actually a big waste of money. On most of those sites, they employ people to create fake profiles of hot women. They do this to sucker you into signing up. There are other reasons most adult dating sites rob you blind. They use misleading statistics to convince you to sign-up. They may technically have 5 million members, for example, but that doesn’t mean there are many active members in your city. Sometimes these adult online dating sites have a ton of members, but most of them sign-up once and never sign back in once they find out the site is a joke. It’s a smart business tactic by the website owners, but it’s borderline immoral. However, despite what we just said… This ebook will help you to find adult dating site and easy tips for success in online adult dating. Page 3

Stop wasting your time and money for signing up for worthless adult dating sites. Most of our readers have been scammed out of money and spent countless hours creating profiles and contacting women they hoped to have sex with. For your benefit, we’ve composed a guide filled with adult dating advice that prevents you from making the costly mistakes 90% of men make. Signs a Site is an Obvious Scam We’ll go more into detail about online dating scams in our guide. For now, let’s focus on a few general signs that should immediately make you throw caution to the wind.  Most of the women are very attractive. There are definitely plenty of good looking women that use the Internet as a means for getting laid, but the majority are 5’s at best.  You create a solid profile and send out decent emails to women and receive very little or no response. You’re probably sending messages to imaginary women.  80% of the members on the site are dudes.  There are very few members in your city that have logged into the site within the past week. This is a clear sign that the participation from members on the site isn’t very good. Good luck getting laid by inactive members! Page 4

Before you spend another penny on any dating site, read our guide to adult online dating. We’re providing you with the most extensive adult dating tips you will ever find. We’re certain you will save money, time, and frustration by reading this guide. Plus, you’ll learn a thing or two about how to attract women. 5 Tips to for successful in hookup online dating You are nice-looking and want to get into a relationship or probably meet someone for coffee. Well, online hookup dating is one of the best ways to meet your potential soulmate. Having success at dating online is sometimes challenging but not impossible. Well, it is a skill that you need to acquire, but if you know how to interact with guys online, you will find everything very easy. Before you start searching for a serious hookup date online, here are proven tips to help you find a serious soulmate online. Page 5

1. Learn Everything about the Website Before You Sign Up It is extremely important to choose the best hookup dating website for you. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or a casual hookup date, you need to consider trusted sites when looking for a potential soulmate online. You may also want to think about specialty hookup dating websites dedicated to sexual affiliation, religious relationship, or age. For instance, there are Christian sites geared towards helping Christians meet other Christians. Likewise, you can also find gay websites focused on helping gays meet other gays, and so on. 2. Write a Killer Profile Perhaps you know how to flirt with guys or girls, but do you know how to create a profile that can allow you to find the right partner online? When creating your profile, it is important to ensure all your details are correct. For instance, if you are 40, don’t say you are 25. See, the person you meet on the internet will ultimately find out the truth, so you can save time and some distress by being truthful from the word go. Also, be sure to include your own photo and ensure it is realistically recent. Don’t try to fob yourself off as a lawyer or any other kind of professional that you are not. Remember to make your profile as interesting as possible, so the other member will be interesting in finding out more. You may also want to include humor in your profile because both men and women want people who are humorous so they don’t get bored when you’re together. Being amusing will be an added advantage. 3. Know what you are looking for Page 6

People who sign up with online dating sites have different qualities and personalities so it is important to know what you are looking for beforehand. With dating websites, you can be able to separate the wheat from the chaff in several ways, skipping people who look unsuitable for you depending on various parameters, including education, age, location, drinking and smoking status to mention but a few. Choose at least three factors that are extremely important to you and narrow your options so you can find members who meet your chosen criteria. Then, you can view the photos of individuals who meet those qualities to find out if they are attractive. 4. Follow Your Instincts It is an undeniable fact that the World Wide Web is littered with a lot of wicked individuals, some of whom target dating websites looking for potential victims. Just like in real life, online dating has some rotten apples. In order to save yourself from harm, you must know that internet predators often use a few words, pictures and probably a short video to introduce themselves to their potential victims. 5. Do Not Reveal To Much Information about Yourself A psychologically needful individual may easily be tricked by a person they actually don’t know much about. These people are a small percentage of the online community, but you need to take care. Financial predators put a lot of effort in establishing trust with their would-be victims. It they find someone who they can easily trick, they immediately ask for cash that the victim can afford. They often relay on your instinct to assist a family member in one financial problem or another. Therefore, it is important to avoid disclosing to much information about yourself, particularly bank statements. By so Page 7

doing, you will be able to safely and successfully find a great partner online. Final Thoughts It is important to learn how to increase your chances of meeting your dream partner online. You need to know how to choose the best sites for hookup dating online, how to write a great profile and the right ways of interacting and meeting with a potential partner. By following these tips, you will easily turn into a hookup specialist in an instant. It all depends on you. All you have to do is to master the skill and adhere to these ways of interacting and meeting other member online. These tips have worked for many people and now you have a chance to perfect the same skills. How To Choose Hookup Dating Sites If you're searching for a quality dating sites then you have no shortage of options. The internet is full of dating sites that are open to anyone who is looking to start a new relationship. In fact, dating sites can almost be considered as specialized social media sites since they help people connect with other people. However, it's also worth mentioning that not all dating sites are created equal. Some are extremely useful, while others are less than what you might expect. So if you're still in process of looking for a dating site, don't sign up on the first site that you see on Google. Instead, take the time to consider each website that you want to visit and look at the kind of people that it attracts. To help you get started on this, here are several tips on how to choose hookup dating sites. Look for a Website That Offers Good Security When people choose hookup dating sites, they rarely think about security issues. Well, this is a mistake because much like social media sites, a lot of sensitive information is passed around on dating websites, such as personal passwords and contact information. So before you make an account or post an ad on a particular dating site, take the time to see what kind of security protocols they have to offer to their clients. If a site offers detailed information about its security measures then that's already a good sign. If they have an FAQ section about security matters as well as a "contact us" page for complaints, that's even Page 8

better. The last thing you'll want is to make an account on a site that doesn't offer any security guarantees. Look for Variety A good dating website offers a lot of variety. It attracts people from various different backgrounds and offers a very broad selection of dating potentials for each users. Variety means more options and a broader dating pool. So if you're the kind of person who isn't too picky about the person they date then this is definitely a good thing because it allows you to expand your horizons beyond the kind of people that you normally date. Look For A Site That Has A Good Reputation Not all popular dating websites have good reputations. In fact, some of them attract all kinds of unusual personalities, so don't trust popularity alone. A good example of this would be Craigslist. Although the site is quite popular, it also attracts a lot of questionable personalities. So don't rely on popularity alone. Take the time to Google each site you want to go to, or ask around on Facebook before making your account. You can also take a look at the number of sites that the dating site links to. The more sites and blogs link to it, the more likely that it's a good option for you. Reputable dating sites also have a lot of rules and moderators. Although their presence may seem unnecessary to some people, they actually ensure that all the users respect each other. These rules are designed to prevent conflict, misunderstandings and undue accusations from various parties. So if a particular dating site seems like it has a lot of rules, that is actually a sign that they have very good standards. Find A Website That A Offers A Lot of Useful Tools Finally, a good dating site allows its users to manage their profile, post updates, choose the types of people that they'd like to meet and have online conversations with potential dates. In other words, a good dating site should offer several useful tools to its users. Ideally, these tools are designed to make the whole process of finding potential dates easier. They can also be used to filter out people who don't match your dating preferences, while attracting the kind of people that you would prefer to date. Aside from offering a lot of online tools, a good dating website should also offer a lot of useful content for its users. Advice on how to date online, tips on how to manage online relationships and information on how to get in touch with people that you'd like to date are some very useful information that you can expect from quality dating sites. Page 9

Get Laid Quickly Using Adult Dating Sites If you don’t follow our adult dating tips, there’s a 99% chance you’re going to be scammed out of your moneyand waste your valuable time. We don’t say this to brag, nor do we intend to come off as arrogant. We say this because we’ve tested every adult dating strategy imaginable and we want our readers to know the truth about online hookup sites so they can avoid being scammed. 5 top hookup dating sites In today’s digital age, finding a random hook up to have fun with has never been easy. There are a lot websites that feature sexy men and women looking to get together for casual dating or one night stands. Everything you need to know about the online adult dating. You’re going to find out what the most obvious scams are, what sites AREN’T scams, and how to get laid. If you are looking for attractive adults to hook up with there are hundreds of websites available online to choose from. However you need to choose a website that best meets your needs and is easy to use, search and most importantly is legitimate. Below are the top hookup dating sites based on ease of use, search ability, tools available to make hooking communication and hook ups easier etc. Page 10

Adult Friend Finder Adult Friend Finder tops the list as one of the best casual dating site. The site has been around for ages and and claims to have millions of members you are bound to hook up with for no strings attached dating fun. The price is reasonable compared to other hookup dating sites. The site has different men and women to choose from to meet your preferences. In addition there a variety of tools such as chatting, messaging, emailing among others make it easier for the members to communicate and hook up Ihookup This site offers one great thing that other hookup sites don’t. Free membership for women. Whether you are interested with a casual dating partner, friends with benefits, online fun, dating, activity partners, or discreet romance ihook up has it all for you. Sweetdiscreet Page 11

This site is rated top if you want a sexual partner. Most of its members are interested in flings, one night stands, and casual sex. The site has all the features you may want in an online hookup dating site including video, chart, niche groups, and dirty member blogs. In addition you are given access to the member video chat rooms with their free membership to try things out. Fling Owned by AdultFriendFinder's partner site, but because the sites differ quite dramatically in look and feel, I've decided to add it to this best-of list as well. Members can save their favorites into a "black book", and decide if they want the mildly-rated view of the site of an explicit one that turns on all of the photos and videos. I've yet to hear from a woman using this site with any success, but I have heard from men from varying sexual orientations and couples who were happy with's services. Lavalife The name might sound weird but Lavalife is a great hook up site if you are looking for private intimate encounters, a serious relationship, or a casual fling. They have a mobile app and link up with other two sites to cater for gay men and people over 45. After signing up, you can use your membership in the different sections. You can have a nice profile to find dates and a sexy profile to find flings. Their membership fee is also reasonable and affordable to many people looking to sign up for hookup sites Page 12

Hookup sites provide an opportunity for adults to find other adults interested in casual flings, casual dating, serious dating, intimate encounters etc. For success in any hookup site, create a good profile, put up genuine photos, and be upfront and genuine about what you want. Hook up dating sites can offer a great way for casual dating; however never share any confidential information with strangers. Trend carefully and let someone close know of your whereabouts when on your hookup date. Why These Sites? We spent more than 3 months testing out these sites. They never disappointed. There may have been a few fake profiles on there, but we could never prove this. Instead, we had actual discussions with HORNY women. All 3 sites were well worth the money and we’re confident you’ll have a great chance of getting laid if you sign-up for at least 1-2 of them. Women aren’t just looking for sex on adult dating sites. Confused? You won’t be after reading this. Women don’t think like we do. I’ll be honest – when I talk to a hot girl, all I’m thinking about is bending her over. I don’t care what she does for a living or how classy she is. If she’s hot and STD-free, I’ll hit it, with rare exception. Women actually want to get to know us a bit. They don’t generally care about our life specifics. For example, if you mention that you’re an Insurance Agent, that’s all she’ll care about. She won’t care to know what specific lines of insurance you sell, in most cases. To make women want you, even on a hookup site, you need to have your act together in life, or at least appear to. Women sign-up for adult sites to get laid, but they want to have sex with a fantasy. That fantasy is an attractive, cool, and successful man. I’m not telling you to lie about who you are if you’re not wealthy and popular. Just do everything you can to make yourself look good. The profile pictures you upload need to be attractive. Even ugly guys can take decent photos. Get a good digital camera, smile, comb your hair nice, and put on a decent shirt. It’s that simple. The content of your profile should reflect a person that’s intelligent, funny, and fun to be around (more on this later). Page 13

5 Most Common Adult Personals Profile Mistakes You may have flipped through profiles of other men on hookup sites looking for ideas on how to create yours. This isn’t a good idea. 90% of those profiles are of men that no woman on the site will want to do. That’s partially because most men don’t know how to create a great adult dating profile. I can search through profiles and pick out which guys are getting laid and which guys are left sitting home jacking off. The profile is like a resume. It won’t get you laid, but it could prevent you from getting laid. Most male profiles I notice make similar mistakes. In fact, there are probably a dozen minor mistakes they commonly make. But the most common, and most costly mistakes are as follows: 1. Posting dick pics. You’ve got a 9-inch pecker and, by golly, you just have to show it to the entire world. 2. Poor grammar, spelling mistakes, and overall stupidity in the profile content. Women are looking for cock, not to be fucked by my mind, right? 3. Proving to be immature. Most guys think being on a hookup site gives them reason to act like a teenager. 4. Talking about nothing other than sex. If you think women only care about sex, why bother mentioning anything else? 5. Being a disgusting pervert. Again, you’re on a hookup site, so why would you expect women to be turned off by this type of content? Analyzing the 5 Most Common Adult Personals Profile Mistakes A while back, I had a friend that came to me asking for advice on how to get laid. I told him to sign-up for a couple of adult dating sites, to which he agreed. He signed up, filled out a profile, and then I reviewed his profile. He made all 5 of the above mistakes. The profile was full of sexual innuendos and he just couldn’t help himself from posting a picture of his junk. Page 14

I gave him a few pointers on how to clean the profile up. I said it needed to make him seem more mature and that he came off as nothing but a disgusting pervert. He argued with me and refused to change it. His reasoning was that he was signing up for a site where women were looking to get laid. So why should he treat his profile like he would on a site such as A week went by and he still had no luck on the sites he used. Then another week – still barely even any responses from women. A few weeks later, I asked him if he wanted my help. He hesitantly gave me the okay to fix his profile. I did a complete overhaul on the content and went through his Facebook page to find some attractive, classy photos. Once I was finished with fixing his profile, he made a comment about how it’s completely different to what all the other guys on the site were doing. I’m going to tell you exactly what I told him… Very Few Guys on Adult Dating Sites are Actually Getting Laid I can’t tell you an exact percentage, but I would guess no more than 20% of the men that use adult dating sites ever get laid. And probably 75% of the ones that do end up banging some nasty, fat skank. The reason for that is most men that sign-up have the same mentality as my friend did. They think women are turned on by dick pics and a bunch of lines about how you’ll give it to them hard. Women do love sex – just as much as men. But they’re not constantly thinking about sex. They have other things on their minds. You have to make them attracted to you before they’ll start thinking about you as a sex partner. Women are turned on by your mind just as much as they are your body. They can look at a hot guy and think, “damn, he’s hot”, but that thought could immediately change if they find out he’s a jerkoff. The above information is especially true for hot women. Fat, ugly women often will lower their standards because they know they have to take what they can get. It’s either do some dorky loser with a face full of acne, or use the vibrator every night for these women. Hot women can get whatever they want, whenever they want it. They don’t have to settle. So they know they don’t have to lower their standards. What does a hot girl look for in a man? It’s a combination of things – from looks to personality, with personality being most important. This is true even for the ones just looking to get laid. You can be average looking and bang a hot skank you meet on an adult dating site. How do you do that? Do exactly as follows… Page 15

Creating a Killer Adult Online Dating Profile 1. Act like you’re on a relationship dating site. The only major difference between your profile is you should go less into detail about what you do for a living and your interests. Plus, you should obviously mention you’re looking for a friends with benefits relationship, as opposed to a long-term relationship. 2. Upload classy photos. Every other guy is posting pictures of their junk and trying to look as sexy as possible. Be the rare guy that posts photos that make you look like a respectable human being. I’m not trying to sound like your mother here, just trying to help you get laid! 3. Be the funny guy. Most guys make women laugh with their profiles. Unfortunately, for them, they’re being laughed at because their profiles are so perverted. Crack a few harmless, non-offensive, jokes in your profile. It shows you have some personality. 4. Don’t make it too long, but don’t make it too short either. If you want to tell your life story, write a book. Of course, if you say very little, she’ll only be able to judge you based on your looks. Be positive. I don’t care if you haven’t been laid in a decade – don’t say that in your profile. You’re a successful, attractive, and humorous guy with lots of things going for you in life. If you can portray this type of persona, women will dig you even if you really are a pizza delivery boy that is mad at the world and lives in your mother’s basement. Page 16

Final word There is no reason for you to continue living life by yourself. Somewhere out in this world is match for you so why would you want to rob yourself of this blessing. Even if you are shy or have been hurt before, if you follow the tips written in the book you just read you are sure to have positive results when it comes to internet dating. Stop sitting around feeling sorry for yourself and find your soul mate! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE ENDS<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Page 17

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