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Information about ADSL QoS

Published on November 29, 2007

Author: Clown


ADSL頻寬管理技術:  ADSL頻寬管理技術 資策會 網路及通訊實驗室 陳右國 07/17/2001 Contents:  Contents Targets ADSL router 特性 III 頻寬管理技術 功能與相關模組 需求與效能測試結果 Live demo Targets:  Targets WAN Sw ADSL QoS Router+VPN+IAD We provide this integrated solution ADSL Router 特性:  Asymmetric bandwidth Line speed retrain  bandwidth dynamically change Multiple VCs (UBR) Low cost ADSL Router 特性 ADSL link VPN (VC1, UBR) VoIP (VC3, CBR) Internet (VC2, UBR) ADSL QoS Router Package:  ADSL QoS Router Package ADSL QoS Router (MPC850+ADI930) ADSL Bridge/Router functionalities – 10M Ether + ADSL Outbound bandwidth management multi-field classification minimum bandwidth guarantee CBQ hierarchical bandwidth sharing priority scheduling - PRR up to 8 forwarding priorities on-line activate ADSL QoS Router Package (cont.):  ADSL QoS Router Package (cont.) Outbound bandwidth management (cont.) H.323 and FTP-aware classification maximum bandwidth limit weighted fair queuing – WRR DiffServ DSCP mapping* QoS Policy Manager (Java-based AP) Policy Editor Remote configuration QoS monitor QoS Modules:  QoS Modules Traffic Control API Policy messages/commands Policy Control API Telnetd Server Device III ETCPIP QoS Protocol Stack:  III ETCPIP QoS Protocol Stack IP ether_send ppp_send driverp->send i8250_write aal5_PortSend ne2000_write i8250_irhan ne2000_irhan sar850_VCSend Phy linkp->send FIFO qm_cbq_enqueue qm_send qm_cbq_dequeue Sync with driver br_PortOutput macp->intr br_IntPacket_Fwd Classifier Classifier FIFO 系統需求:  系統需求 48MHz MPC 850 processor 100Hz clock rate About 150k bytes code size (QoS modules, uncompressed) For Classifier (max 256 rules) About 300k bytes memory For Scheduler (1 ADSL, 16 VCs, 8 priorities, max 256 classes) About 350k bytes memory MultiTask RTOS Test Environment & Policy:  Test Environment & Policy ADSL QoS Router FTP1 Cisco 6260 Cisco 6400 FTP client Traffic Monitoring tools 10/100 EtherSwitch Smartbits ML-7710 AT-9155C 100M Ethernet OC-3 Root FTP1 guarantee 0% max 100% lowest priority Borrow Smartbits Performance Test Result:  Smartbits Performance Test Result ADSL rate: downstream 8032 kbps, upstream 864kbps Demo Scenario:  Demo Scenario Video Server + Netmeeting + Policy Manager FTP Servers Switch ADSL Qos Router (bridging mode) SAMSUNG CO (bridging mode) FTP clients + Netmeeting + Video Client Root ~26 FTP ~153 Pri=5, 20% Pri=5, 10% Pri=0, 100% Pri=6, 70% VoIP Pri=7, 10% Pri=5, 10% .25 .26 Pri=5, 30% Demo Steps:  Demo Steps Prepare FTP connections in advance Prepare Quicktime in advance Open Policy Config and show Demo_7_17 Send Demo_7_17 to the device and attach it to link 1 Open Policy Monitor and download files Explain monitoring result Stop download from FTP26 and then start again Switch to .98’s screen Start AV streaming Switch back to .153’s screen Explain monitoring result Call .98’s NetMeeting

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