ADSERCH: research design and survey [NOTES]

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Information about ADSERCH: research design and survey [NOTES]

Published on February 20, 2014

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Notes about research design and survey from ADSERCH

Research Design ii. Consumer perception and behavior studies: A framework of how to collect data and image, attitude, product usage, advertising, conduct research market mix iii. A. Exploratory Research Market characteristic studies: buying behavior, Provides insights and understanding distribution, customer characteristics, Helps define the parameter and boundaries of competitive analysis Use of Descriptive Research: problem Describe the characteristics of relevant groups Helps suggest hypothesis Estimate the magnitude of specified group a. Observation Research Determine the degree of relationships Does not involve personal interaction Types of Observation Research: Facilitate specific predictions i. To determine the effectiveness People Watching People: mystery shopper, and one-way mirrors i. ii. Machines Watching People: traffic counters, o People Watching an Activity: audits iii. Disadvantages High cost Subjective, unsolicited information is limited No insight on the problem that you did not think to consider b. Qualitative Research Research findings that are not determined by qualification or qualitative analysis B. Conclusive Research Tests specific hypothesis ad examine relationships a. Descriptive Research Describes market characteristics or functions discover differences and associations Predicts Types of Descriptive Research: i. ii. Sales studies: sales trends, forecasting and potential, market share, sales analysis Data collected at a singe period of time Longitudinal Studies o passive people meter Advantages Eliminate bais Does not rely on the respondent’s willingness Cross-Sectional Studies Repeated measurements taken over a long period of time o Sample unit that is maintained for multiple measurements taken during multiple periods is called a PANEL Types of Panel: i. Omnibus Panel: different subjects pulled from the panel for each time period Drawback: data is not reliable ii. True Pane: same subjects used for the panel every time data is collected Drawback: members sometime evolve out of the desired study group or induced by the study to change their practices thus tainting the data b. Causal Research To categorize the variables as either the cause or the effect To determine the relationship between the two variables to be predicted Method: Experiment

Survey Research Systematic gather of information from respondents to obtain data about the Respondent Errors 1. Non-Response Error: statistical difference characteristics of population of interest between survey that include only those who Involves administration of an instrument and responded and a perfect survey that would techniques for data collection also include those who fail to respond Methodology involves asking questions of a representative sample of the desired population 2. Self-Selection Bias: bias because of strong opinions 3. Response Bias: answer questions in a at a single point in time Interview Methods certain direction a. Personal Interview Type of Response Bias Advantages Efficient Highest degree of response Chance to clarify respondents answers Disadvantages Subject to validity issues Construct invalidity due to (interviewer biases, cultural biases, participant trying to impress the interviewer Requires interviewer training, fieldwork Very expensive Acquiescence bias – respondent tends to agree with all questions or to indicate a positive connotation to a new idea Extremity bias – respondents tend to use extreme responses Interviewer bias – response is influenced by the interviewer Auspices bias – responses of subjects are influenced by the organization b. Mail intercept interview conducting the study c. Phone interview Social Desirability bias–response is Advantages Reach broad group Confidentiality can be protected Interviewer can assist in survey Sample can be chosen Disadvantages Can be seen as intrusive Difficult in transient population Consumer must have access to working phone Requires interviewer training Requires multiple callbacks (10+) Two Major Survey Error 1. Random Sampling Error: difference between the result of a sample and the result of the consensus conducted 2. Systematic Error: imperfect research design influenced by their desire (conscious or unconscious) to gain prestige or to appear in a different social role Administrative Error 1. Respondent error: improper evaluation of research task 2. Data processing error: incorrect data entry, computer programming, or other error during analysis 3. Sample selection error: improper selection of sample 4. Interviewer error: failure of interviewer to record responses correctly 5. Interviewer Cheating: interviewer practices filling in fake answer or falsifying questionnaires

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