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Published on February 5, 2014

Author: Anne-Manner-McLarty



The Power of Partnerships Panel Discussion
Partnerships within the organization for Donor Relations and the Association of Donor Relations Professionals - ADRP

"I would say that every member of ADRP has been a willing partner
with me, particularly when we have a common issue or goal.
Our members are willing to share their triumphs and failures so
those lessons learned are shared with the whole profession."

What is the most critical element to a good partnership?
Is there an area where you know you could improve as a partner?
Where do you think the profession needs to focus in terms of future partnerships?

The  Power  of Partnerships Panel  Discussion

 The  Power  of Partnership Panelists Nancy  McKinney ADRP  President Director,  Donor Stewardship  and Interim  Director, Gi8  Management University  of  California, Berkeley Paige  Eubanks Barrow Associate  Vice  President of  Donor  RelaFons  and Special  Events Oklahoma  State  University FoundaFon Angie  Joens Daphne  Powell ExecuFve  Director  of Development  Outreach University  of  California, Davis Senior  Director  of Stewardship  and  Donor RelaFons The  University  of Alabama  Birmingham Anne  Manner-­‐McLarty Moderator ADRP  EducaFon  CommiHee  Co-­‐Chair President,  Heurista,  Co.

Nancy  McKinney ADRP  President Director,  Donor  Stewardship Interim  Director,  Gi:  Management University  of  California,  Berkeley 10  years  in  the  field,  10  years  at  Berkeley Decentralized:  30+  units Immediate  department  staff  size:  7  people Division  size:  250  in  University  RelaOons ADRP  membership:  10  years Director  2006-­‐2009,  President  2009-­‐present

Paige  Eubanks-­‐Barrow Associate  Vice  President  of  Donor  RelaOons  and Special  Events,  Oklahoma  State  University  FoundaOon 12+  years  in  the  field,  2.5  years  at  OSU previously  at  Spring  Hill  College,  Southern  Methodist  University  and Carnegie  Mellon  University Decentralized:  5  locaOons,  8  colleges  and  4  add’l  units Immediate  department  staff  size:  11  +  2  part  Ome Division  size:  80 ADRP  membership:  10  year  charter  member Board  service  2004-­‐2009 ADRP  Volunteer  Service  Award  2008

Angie  Joens ExecuOve  Director  of  Development  Outreach University  of  California  Davis 15  years  in  the  field,  2  years  at  UC  Davis previously  at  Iowa  State  University Decentralized:  10  colleges/units Immediate  department  staff  size:  30  in  5  teams Division  size:  250  in  University  RelaOons ADRP  membership:  9  years Director  2007-­‐2010

Daphne  Powell Senior  Director  of  Stewardship  and  Donor  RelaOons The  University  of  Alabama  Birmingham 15  years  in  the  field,  23  years  at  UAB Centralized:  10  colleges/units Immediate  department  staff  size:  ~25,  5  in  DR/S Division  size:  75-­‐100 ADRP  membership:  10  year  charter  member Director  2006-­‐2009

Partnerships  within the  organizaFon Internal Advancement  Services  , inter-­‐departmental  relaOonships Lateral Departments  from  other  divisions, such  as  financial  aid,  investment  management, individual  units Leadership/Outreach Donors,  volunteers,  administraOon

Daphne  Powell Partnerships  within the  organizaFon: Connect  with  the  front  line Provide  a  great  example Communicate  with  staFsFcs

Paige   Eubanks-­‐Barrow Partnerships  within the  organizaFon: Provide  a  mutually  beneficial  strategy Lead  with  soluFons Demonstrate  trust-­‐worthiness

Angie  Joens Partnerships  within the  organizaFon: Gather  in  the  same  room Showcase  the  benefits Address  bumps  and  bruises  Celebrate  success

Nancy  McKinney Partnerships  within the  organizaFon: Hone  influence  skills Understand  the  other  party’s culture  and  prioriFes Manage  by  striking  deals

Career-­‐building partnerships with  professional  peers  and ADRP  members  for Benchmarking Process  and  Outcome  Examples Networking  and  Mentoring

Nancy  McKinney Career-­‐building partnerships: AspiraFonal  peers

Angie  Joens Career-­‐building partnerships:  Smart  and  talented newcomers

Paige   Eubanks-­‐Barrow Career-­‐building partnerships:  Importance  of  resumé building

Daphne  Powell Career-­‐building partnerships:  ADRP  networking

ADRP  LOGO  with  tagline I  would  say  that  every  member  of  ADRP  has  been  a  willing  partner with  me,  parFcularly  when  we  have  a  common  issue  or  goal. Our  members  are  willing  to  share  their  triumphs  and  failures  so those  lessons  learned  are  shared  with  the  whole  profession.

What  is  the  most  criOcal  element  to a  good  partnership? Is  there  an  area  where  you  know  you could  improve  as  a  partner? Where  do  you  think  the  profession needs  to  focus  in  terms  of  future partnerships?

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