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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: gfunkerwin



2013 AdReach annual M-Advertising performance summary and case studies for Indonesia Mobile Advertising.

AdReach is XL Axiata's independent network and digital media aggregator business unit providing Mobile and Digital Media Advertising solutions for Brands and Advertisers.

M-MARKETING Short Story - XL Axiata Version Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail:

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY XL Axiata M-Marketing 2013 Stories The following data and information are for public consumption released by AdReach, XL Axiata M-Advertising Business Unit and therefore may not reflect directly or indirectly to XL Axiata operational as Mobile Network Operator. AdReach is an independent network and digital media aggregator operating under XL Axiata an MNO based in Indonesia. AdReach serves advertisers, publishers and agencies in delivering Mobile and Digital Advertising to telecom operators’ subscribers (XL, Telkomsel, Indosat) and internet media channels. Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail:

Herwinto Ch. Sutantyo Brands building since 1993 Telecom & IT sectors since 1998 Digital Creative Advertising since 2002 Educated & trained as Graphic Designer Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail:

INDONESIA MOBILE ADVERTISING Critical Milestones (XL Axiata version) 2012 X 04.2013 11.2013 01.2014 XL Axiata dropped SMS Bulk/ Broadcast from MAds inventory Multi-Telco Collaboration. Multi-Network DSP & Mobile RTB implemented at XL Axiata Xtra - Opt-in Mobile Advertising subscribers reached 11.5 million (XL) Z XL Axiata implemented KYC (Big Data) for Advertising 01.2013 Q Indofood Pop-Mie Campaign O w 6 Mobile Advertising for SME/UKM launched. 08.2013 7 XL Axiata as COE for APAC Regional MAdvertising. b Ads for SME grew 1568% Brand Endorsed Telecommunicat ion Package 12.2013 03.2014 Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail:

INDONESIA MOBILE ADVERTISING 2013 Overview (XL Axiata) INDUSTRY SERVED CAMPAIGN TYPE MARKET SIZE Top 4 sectors served by Mobile Advertising Type of Mobile Campaigns engaged 23% 57% 13% g 20% TI V E E Es SM AU TO M O C O N SU M ER S BA N KI N G 54% 10% REACH (57%) vs ENGAGEMENTS (43%) ANALYTICS DRIVEN (20%) vs PROFILED PLACEMENTS (80%) Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail: 306 advertisers served 817 mobile advertising campaigns executed

DIGITAL MARKETING TRENDS ADAPTATION Marketers and their options of media use must quickly adapt to consumer digital habits BIG DATA Consumer Data Profiling and Habits are becoming importance to marketers worldwide INTEGRATION Integration & Ubiquity between Digital Media Channels are crucial. TIME TO MARKET Ü TRENDS AMONG BRANDS STRATEGIC Marketing Strategy has risen as Digital Media Channels provide spectrum of varieties in executions. Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail: Time to market becoming quicker and therefore requiring marketing tools that can adapt ROI Marketing ROI has becoming more and more crucial as global ads spend drop

INDONESIAN ON SMARTPHONE Use mainly for communication - Chatting* *) Nielsen - Informate ODM Panel, May 2013 62  Min 7Min 0.3279 0.0377 189MINS 0.1959 0.2391 37  Min 0.199 16  MINS 38  Min 34  MINS SOCIAL  NETWORKING CHATTING 45  Min Applica�ons Browsing Communica�on Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail: Device  management Entertainment

Copyright  ©2012  The  Nielsen  Company.  Confidential  and  proprietary. HIGH  ENGAGEMENT  IN  CHATTING  ACTIVITY  ACROSS  AGE  GROUPS Explore  Chat  App  bundling  targeting  36-­‐40  yrs  age  group  as  they  spend  considerable   amount  of  time  in  chatting Overall  SmartPhone  Usage   Time  spent   [Minutes/  day] Time  spent  per  day  (Minutes);  May  2013   76 62 31% 2% 56% 12% 19 36% 27 2% 1 2 34% 25 34 27% 20 7 Weighted  Base 1030 34 OVERALL 15-­‐17 CALL 59 65 34% 1% 21 11% 7 14 30% 1 3% 2 60% 35 54% 33 68% 43 53% 26 12% 7 12% 8 7% 4 12% 1 35 22% 16 27% 2% 54% 49 64 61 18 3% 31% 15 2 3% 449 254 149 63 25-­‐30 31-­‐35 36-­‐40 6 81 18-­‐24 2 40+ CHAT Source:  Indonesia  ODM  Panel,  May  2013  (Wtd) EMAILS MESSAGING All  figures  represent  DPD  in  Minutes/Day �8

INDONESIAN ON SMARTPHONE Share of Time Spent on Online Activities Time spent per day (Minutes) 62  Min 0.1014 0.0382 0.329 i Benefit from increased content consumption? 100  Mins Consumers in Indonesia spend higher time on ‘online’ activities 0.5315 Offline Online Calls Messaging All  figures  represent  DPD  in  Minutes/Day Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail:

INDONESIAN ON SMARTPHONE Data   Consump�on  in   May’13 40 % Data Consumption 30 38MB/Day % i % 0.342 Entry:0-­‐5MB/mth Casual:5MB-­‐150MB/mth Advance:150MB  -­‐600MB/mth Expert  (>  600MB  Per  Month) 20 increase data revenue 0% 10 % 0.658 Cellular Wi-­‐Fi All  figures  represent  data  usage  in  MB  per  day. Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail: Data  Consump�on

BRANDS AS MOBILE CONTENT Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail:

BRANDS AS MOBILE CONTENT j GROWING TRENDS Brands seeing mobile for being portable and always connected. Smartphone provides PC interactivity and richness to go direct to the consumers. Social - Location - Mobile inherited in today’s smartphone = native advertising Curated Original Kraft Foods OREO - Oreo Twist Lick Dunk Mobile Game Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail:

BRANDS AS MOBILE CONTENT K BENEFITS: Create stickiness, stays in phone, Community Building, Native Advertising $ BUDGET: Mid to Expensive å SOLUTION: Native App, Mobile Web j CONTENT ARCHETYPES: 1. Curated 2. Co-Created 3. Original 4. Consumer Generated 5. Sponsored Curated Co-Created Consumer Generated Unilever Kecap Bango - Warisan Kuliner App Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail:

BRANDS AS MOBILE CONTENT b BRANDS DO NOT NEED TO BECOME PUBLISHERS It’s about marketers getting better at creating content with a consistent narrative in the context that creates a conversation around brand stories. They don’t need to be a publisher, they just need to understand how content does that strategic. Curated Consumer Generated Original Djarum LA Lights - La Lights Play Your Music Mobile Game Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail:

MOBILE AS ACQUISITION CHANNEL Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail:

CONTREXYN Profile Acquisition Target   User Group   Gender Female   Age 25 – 35   ARPU <100.000   Location Garut,   Tasikmalaya, Bandung   Handset Featured   & Basic Phone Campaign  Period   24  September  –  18  October  2013   Requested  Impressions   75,000  Reach     3000  Free  Airtime   Results         1. 75,000  SMS  sent  in  1  day     2. 5,200  Profile  Captured   3. 3000  Free  Airtime  delivered   4. Engagement  =  6.9% SMS Interactive & Free Airtime of IDR 5.000 Ikuti  Contrexyn  Bunda  PEDE.  Ketik  CBP   (spasi)  Nama(spasi)noHP(spasi)  Nama   toko  beli  Contrexyn.  Kirim  ke  2000.   Gratis  3000  pengirim  pertama  dapat   pulsa  5000.  

GROUPON Leverage Sales TARGET MARKET   Food Lover at Jabodetabek Results         1. Delivery  Success  =  46,307   2. 7,325  Vouchers  bought   3. Sales  Response  :  15,96  % Increasing sales at

BURGER KING Ambush Campaign TARGET   32 BK Store Outlet in and around Jakarta Campaign  Periode   3  days     Results         80,775  MMS  delivered   2,033  Repondents   In-­‐Store  Sales  increase  by  40% traffic acquisition at new BK Store

Pop Mie Profile Acquisition & Sales UMB SMS Campaign     Pop  Mie  Get  Lucky   February  2013   Results         1. 4.609.807  Total   Redemption   2. 1.600.000  unique   participants   3. Quarter  Sales  increase   by  50% Target Gender Female Age 25 – 35 ARPU All Location Nationwide Handset All

Samsung TAB 3 Pre-Sales Off Deck Interstitial Banner Campaign  Period     17  September  –     30  Desember  2013   KPI     5,867  Clicks   Results         1. 353,699  Unique   Impression   2. 5,868  clicks     3. 2,35%  CTR   TARGET All OS, High-end Smartphone ARPU > IDR 200.000

THANK YOU Twitter: @gfunkerwin Twitter: @xladreach | e-mail:

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