Adolescent adjustment in school

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Information about Adolescent adjustment in school

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: lovielyn1022



Suggestion on How To Adapt Well In School (Crow and Crow)  1. Selecting a school  In small communities it is not hard to choose school  In a large community like Manila, where academic, commercial, vocational technical and vocational high school abound that selection of the school is the problem.  There are also parents who insist that their children should attend they graduated from.  Result of this type of sentimental attachment of parents  Anti-social behavior, negativism and delinquency

Proper ways of selecting school  It must be based on the child’s  Ability  Locale  Cost of tuition  Personal efficiency  Adequacy of facilities

2. Good Study Habits  Students should have right attitude towards concentrated study  Correct Study Habits  Room of their own  Free from noise and other distraction  A study schedule (the most important)

Tips to Improve Study Habits a. Have the right attitude towards study. b. Focus attention from what you are learning. c. Know why an assignment has been made. d. Study with an intent to recall. e. Attempt to understand what the writer is presenting. f. Organize the ideas in your own ways, or take a brief notes.

g. Raise question as you read . h. Make intelligent use of repetition, review. i. Know that some material is more quickly mastered than other. j. Continue practice in all subjects. k. Be alert on the points emphasized on the book. l. Consult the dictionary on unfamiliar words. m. Make an outline of the lesson.

Improvements of Study Habits(Edward Jones) A. Read the assignments thorough. B. The second reading necessitates certain materials ----books, dictionary, notebook, pen, eraser C. Read the comprehension before going to class A.

3. Updated Curriculum  Curriculum  Refers to the accumulated and total experiences  It includes NOT only textbook contents BUT ALSO activities, like exhibits, field day, foundation anniversary, programs and seminars.

4. Guidance in Course of Selection  In smaller schools there is little if any, leeway in the choice of courses.  In bigger school, individuals select variety of courses.  in this case the guidance counsellor can suggest a wider range aside from those courses.

5. Social Activities in School  Forming friendship can only be satisfactory if the young person is the properly guided by his parents attitudes, that is, cooperation, friendliness, tolerance or acceptability in his relationship at home.

6. Teacher Student Relationship  We have courteous, guidance-consious teachers, and the classroom activity is rather than teacher dominated more teacher guided.  Some teachers tend to show favoritism toward the students who are more cooperative and studious than others.

What the teacher should observe to their students

Fear  Some students are afraid to recite  Although they know the answer  Ateneo are given daily training in getting up on the stage, looking at everybody in the audience. After a while the fear of facing the audience disappear.

Fear  Some of them fear examination  The cause may be determined by means of home visits , noting conditions, presence of parents and study habits.  The teacher can also give examination oftener.  The student should be trained to do their best in their work.  Checking the students notebooks at the end , at the middle at the beginning of the classes is an effective technique.

Thank You for listening! Prepared by: Manielyn C. Garcia MAEd

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