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Published on November 28, 2007

Author: Garrick


Adobe 2.0:  Adobe 2.0 Introducing Flex:  Introducing Flex Development Environment Runtime Environment Strength of the Flash Platform:  Strength of the Flash Platform Large Install-base Strength of the Flash Platform:  Strength of the Flash Platform Cross Platform Cross Browser Strength of the Flash Platform:  Strength of the Flash Platform Flash Lite for Embedded Systems Strength of the Flash Platform:  Strength of the Flash Platform Rich Media Demo:  Demo The Programming Model:  The Programming Model Flex (MXML & ActionScript) Web Service Flash Remoting HTTP + XML Binary Socket J2EE ASP.NET PHP Ruby Interface Layer Messaging Layer Service Layer Demo:  Demo Where to go from here?:  Where to go from here? Browse the Flex Product Homepage Visit the Flex Developer Center Purchase the Flex training kit from TotalTraining Coupon code: save15ug Check out the latest buzz on Adobe Labs Meet Other Student Developers on the RabbitHole Over the Horizon :  Over the Horizon Project Apollo Native support for Flash, Flex, HTML, and JavaScript The ideal desktop-application runtime environment When Second half of 2006: preview release First half of 2007: 1.0 release Where Adobe Labs ( Why Break away from browser dependence Uniform cross-platform environment The best of both worlds The Best of Both Worlds:  The Best of Both Worlds Q & A:  Q & A

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