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Published on July 23, 2014

Author: adnanistan



This portfolio is a brief introduction to my teaching philosophy and highlights some memorable lesson plans from across my teaching career.


adnan lotia te aching portfolio adnanlotia 220 Covert Street #1 Brooklyn NY 11207 347-935-0195 | | education M.S. Art + Design Education Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY | 2012 Graduate Graphic Design Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA | 2006 Graphic Design Harvard University, Cambridge, MA | 2003 B.S. Studio Art New York University School of Education, New York, NY | 2001 Liberal Arts Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY | 1999 teachingexperience Illustration Teacher Homeschoolers Network, New York, NY | 2013–2014 Taught narrative illustration to middle and high school students. Developed lesson plans incoporating drawing, illustration and design concepts. Robotics Teacher Vision Education + Media, New York, NY | 2012–2014 Taught Lego robotics to elementary and middle school students in an afterschool setting. Implemented lesson plans incoporating technology, construction and coding concepts. Claymation Teacher Saturday Art School, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY | 2011–2013 Taught claymation to elementary school students. Developed lesson plans incorporating sculpture, photography, and principles of art and design with varied materials. Student Teacher High School of Art and Design, New York, NY | 2012 Taught graphic design and illustration classes to high school students. Developed lesson plans incorporating graphic design, visual culture, and creative problem-solving. Art + Design Teacher Teaching in Galleries, Pratt Institute, New York, NY | 2011 Taught art and design to high school students in galleries and museums around New York City. Developed a curriculum incorporating art and design concepts, based on portraiture. Head of Art Department The CAS School, Karachi, Pakistan | 2007–2010 Taught art and design to middle school students. Developed art and design curricula incorporating advanced drawing, problem solving and research-based design. Designed school publications, prospectus and website. Design Teacher Southshore School for A-Level Studies, Karachi, Pakistan | 2008–2010 Taught design to high school students. Developed design curriculum incorporating graphic design, technology and principles of design. Designed school publications and prospectus. Program Coordinator SMB Fatima Jinnah Government Girls School, Karachi, Pakistan | 2009 Taught art to middle school students. Developed art curriculum incorporating critical thinking, direct observation and imaginative exercises. Art History Teacher Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture, Karachi, Pakistan | 2001–2002 Taught art history to undergraduate students. Designed a class website to facilitate coursework and understanding. Restructured the institution’s liberal arts curriculum and grading policy. Art Teacher Karachi American School, Karachi, Pakistan | 2001 Taught art to elementary, middle and high school students. Introduced students of all levels to techniques and materials. Worked with Advanced Placement students on portfolio creation. rèsumè

adnan lotia te aching portfolio myteachingphilosophyconsistsoftwocoregoals: cultivatingcreativity+fosteringindependence Iachievethesegoalsusingacombinationofclassroom strategies,strengthenedbyscaffolding,VTStechniques andinnovativelessonplanning content>context>concept My teaching practice is based on providing relevant contexts for new concepts. While many artist-teachers introduce new materials and techniques in isolation, I contextualize the tools of contemporary art and design using narratives from history or examples from modern life. I relate material usage to concept development­—so that in addition to learning new skills, students understand how to apply them clearly and expressively. art+design=society I believe that education is synonymous with responsible citizenship. In my classroom, I model tolerance, multiculturalism, and social awareness in an attempt to promote strong ethical values. My lesson plans are designed to broaden student perspectives on the issues that confront the world today and the challenges that it will face in the future. visualculture>culturalvision An important part of my teaching approach is understanding the student population with whom I am working. I continue to expand on my own interests that overlap with student culture in areas such as film, technology, comics, and gaming. I strive to incorporate these resources into my lessons, both to engage students in the content, as well as to demonstrate its relevance to their lives. teaching philosophy

adnan lotia te aching portfolio teamdioramas ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CLAYMATION battlebots ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ROBOTICS groupportraitwithbodycasting HIGH SCHOOL PORTRAITURE comicbookinking HIGH SCHOOL ILLUSTRATION lessonplans2010–2014 lesson plans

adnan lotia te aching portfolio teamdioramas Ages 5–8 years Saturday Art School, Pratt Institute Heavy paper, watercolor pencils, figurines, cameras Art / Design / Technology Students were shown examples of museum dioramas. After a discussion on figure and ground, they were paired up and asked to select a few figurines from a huge box of toys. In teams, they decided on a background for their dioramas and then painted two sheets of paper for the background and the base. The students then arranged their figurines within the dioramas and photographed them from several different angles. Looking at visual resources Experimenting with watercolor pencils Creating background and ground in teams Photographing the dioramas theprocess lesson plans te am dior amas

adnan lotia te aching portfolio lesson plans te am dior amas

adnan lotia te aching portfolio Building and customizing a Battlebot Strengthening the robot with shielding battlebots Age 7–10 years Afterschool Robotics, Packer Collegiate Institute Lego EV3 kits, laptops, arena Design / Technology Students considered how a robot could be designed with both defensive and offensive capabilities. In small groups, they created robots with shielding and added attachments for attacking other Battlebots. They programmed their robots to operate in an arena with defined penalty zones and “safe” bases. They then held a tournament to test their robots against each other, continuously improving their performance. Devising a strategy and programming Testing and battling other robots in the arena theprocess lesson plans bat tlebots

adnan lotia te aching portfolio lesson plans bat tlebots

adnan lotia te aching portfolio Casting a classmate’s body part Collaborating on constructing the final piece Demonstrating the casting technique Casting a body part groupportraitwithbodycasting Age 14–17 years Teaching in Galleries, Chelsea High School Packing tape Art / Sculpture Students were shown visual references of artists who use body casting in their work, including Kiki Smith, Marc Quinn and Antony Gormley. After observing a demonstration of how to cast their own body parts using packing tape, each student then cast a few body parts. The class was then challenged to combine the parts together to form a cohesive whole. The finished piece thus represented all of the students and served as a group portrait. theprocess lesson plans group portr ait with body casting

adnan lotia te aching portfolio lesson plans group portr ait with body casting

adnan lotia te aching portfolio comicbookinking Age 14–17 years Narrative Illustration, Homeschoolers Network Paper, pencils, double-sided Sharpies, ink brush pens Art / Design After a demonstration on material usage, students began converting their pencil drawings into inked illustrations. Using multiple techniques, including cross-hatching, line variation and solid colors, students explored the medium and arrived at a personal style which suited their drawings. They then applied their inking style to their entire comic, with emphasis on consistency and clarity, before erasing their pencil lines. Combining techniques to form a personal style Applying consistent inking to the entire comic Drawing the comic in pencil Exploring different inking techniques theprocess lesson plans comic book ink ing

adnan lotia te aching portfolio “theeducatorwithademocraticvisionorposturecannotavoid inhisteachingpraxisinsistingonthecriticalcapacity,curiosity, andautonomyofthelearner.” -paulo freire, pedagogy of freedom

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