Adjectives v Adverbs

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Information about Adjectives v Adverbs

Published on June 27, 2009

Author: reyesk


Adjectives v. Adverbs : Adjectives v. Adverbs Describing people v. Describing people’s actions Kristi Reyes MiraCosta College Hardworking student / studies …. : Hardworking student / studies …. Spanish … bad / speaks …. : Spanish … bad / speaks …. Sad /cries … : Sad /cries … Angry / shouts …. : Angry / shouts …. Happy / married : Happy / married English … good/ speaks English … : English … good/ speaks English … Loving / caresses … : Loving / caresses … Hungry / eats … : Hungry / eats … Brave and careful / walks … : Brave and careful / walks … Lazy / watches TV… : Lazy / watches TV… Peaceful / rest … : Peaceful / rest … Gentle / hugs … : Gentle / hugs … Nervous / speaks … : Nervous / speaks … Terrible / drives … : Terrible / drives … Cheerful / smiles … : Cheerful / smiles … Adjectives. v. Adverbs : Adjectives. v. Adverbs Describe people / things (He/she/ it is … We/they are…) Hardworking Bad Sad Angry Happy Good Loving Hungry Brave Careful Lazy Peaceful Gently Nervous Terrible Cheerful Describe people’s actions (what they do) Works hard Speaks badly Cries sadly Shouts angrily Happily married Speaks well Caresses lovingly Eats hungrily Walks bravely and carefully Watches TV lazily Rest peacefully Hugs gently Speaks nervously Drives terribly Smiles cheerfully

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