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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: mslauralozano


Articles: Articles PowerPoint Presentation: Articles always appear before: nouns PowerPoint Presentation: What are the three articles? PowerPoint Presentation: a, an, the PowerPoint Presentation: When do you use “ a ” in front of a noun, and when do you use “ an ”? PowerPoint Presentation: Use “ a ” in front of nouns that start with consonants and “ an ” in front of nouns that start with vowels. PowerPoint Presentation: An article is a special form of what other part of speech? Adjective PowerPoint Presentation: Adjective PowerPoint Presentation: What part of speech does an adjective tell about (modify)? PowerPoint Presentation: Noun PowerPoint Presentation: What three things do adjectives tell about a noun? PowerPoint Presentation: which, how many , what kind PowerPoint Presentation: Give examples of each kind of adjective: which, how many , what kind PowerPoint Presentation: which : first how many : few what kind : soft PowerPoint Presentation: Identify the adjective in the following sentence: The smart detective figured out the burglar’s plan. PowerPoint Presentation: smart

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