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Information about Additional views

Published on March 13, 2014

Author: hlalice



Introduction to additional view


Concept of Additional Views  Additional views is required to show the actual size and shape of inclined and oblique surface

Orthographic Projection Additional Views  Any object surface which is parallel to the main plane will show the actual shape and size  Surface not parallel to the main projection planes will not show the actual shape and size  Inclined and oblique surface will show the actual shape and size with additional view that been projection directly on the surface Difference between additional views and orthographic projection

Types of Additional Views  Auxiliary Views  Pandangan tambahan  An auxiliary plane is projected parallel to the inclined surface a. Auxiliary views of height (projected from the top view) b. Auxiliary views of width (projected from the side view) c. Auxiliary views of depth (projected from the front view)  Revolved Views  Pandangan putaran  Can be obtained by revolving one of the orthographic views  Rotational Axis  Paksi putaran  Produced by revolving an object until its inclined surface is parallel to any one of the main projection planes a. Axis perpendicular to the top b. Axis perpendicular to the side c. Axis perpendicular to the front

Construct of Auxiliary Views  Reference plane – satah rujukan  Auxiliary views is drawn based on 2 orthographic views  The main dimension projections to auxiliary view are direct from main dimensional view and other dimensions are relocated based on the reference line  The line is a plane placed according to the object shape  The plane is known as the reference plane

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