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Information about Addition

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: Naj_Jandy



As part of enhancing our technological literacy, we were tasked to make a power point presentation that's suitable for elementary audiences. Thus, we came up with addition..

Solving Word Problems Through Addition

To introduce the concept of addition To impart knowledge of solving word problems using addition To apply problem solving skills in real life

Outline Definition of Addition Process of Addition Exercises Solving Word Problems

ADDITION is the operation of COMBINING numbers to obtain an equivalent.

Addends Sum

Solving Word Problems Through Addition

Translate the WORDS INTO SYMBOLS and the PROBLEMS INTO NUMBER SENTENCES OR EQUATIONS before solving the problem

During summer, Ben sells sweepstakes tickets. He earned ₱875 as commission last April and ₱792 last May. How much did he earn in those two months?

1. What is asked in the problem? The total commission earned in two months 2. What are the given facts? - ₱ 875 earned on April - ₱ 792 earned on May 3. What is the operation to be used? - Addition 4. What is the number sentence? - ₱ 875 † ₱ 792 = n

Therefore, Ben earned Php1,667 in two months

Mang Desto, a fruit dealer, brought to Divisoria 3,500 bananas, 463 watermelons, 588 star apples, and 749 pomelos. How many fruits in all did he bring to Divisoria?

1. What is asked in the problem? - total number of fruits 2. What are the given facts? - 3,500 bananas, 463 watermelons, 588 star apples, 749 pomelos 3. What is the operation to be used? - addition 4. What is the number sentence? - 3,500 + 463+588+749=n

Therefore, Mang Desto brought 5,300 fruit of all in all to Divisoria

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