Adding and Editing Templates

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Information about Adding and Editing Templates

Published on June 7, 2016

Author: JonathanFrederick4


1. © 2012 NetDispatcher© 2012 NetDispatcher For the Customer, Asset, Contacts, and Jobs categories. ADDING AND EDITING TEMPLATES (FORMS) CONFIDENTIAL

2. © 2012 NetDispatcher • Here at NetDispatcher we are continually striving to make this software more user friendly and easier to navigate. The process of adding a new customer, or customers, has never been easier. Adding and Editing Templates 7.6.2016 CONFIDENTIAL2

3. © 2012 NetDispatcher Adding and Editing Templates 7.6.2016 CONFIDENTIAL3 • The process for all four category templates is identical. For training purposes, we are going to build a template from the Customer category.

4. © 2012 NetDispatcher Adding and Editing Templates • From the Customers page click the gear icon on the right-side of the page above the customer list. A drop-down box will appear. Click “Edit Forms.” 7.6.2016 CONFIDENTIAL4

5. © 2012 NetDispatcher Adding and Editing Templates • After you have clicked “Edit Forms” you come to the screen below. You can either click one of the templates (forms) you already have made from the list or select “Add New.” 7.6.2016 CONFIDENTIAL5 These are templates that the user has saved.

6. © 2012 NetDispatcher Editing a Pre-existing Template 7.6.2016 CONFIDENTIAL6 Name of template. Can be changed by clicking on the box. Tabs that can be added and renamed Settings Delete Drag & drop Click on a field to add to the template

7. © 2012 NetDispatcher Adding a New Template 7.6.2016 CONFIDENTIAL7 A blank canvas for you to build a template to your preference. Click on the fields to build your template.

8. © 2012 NetDispatcher Conclusion • The instructions in this PowerPoint will apply to the Customer, Asset, Contact, and Job categories when building or editing your templates. • These templates are fully-customizable and, if used correctly, can benefit you and your business immensely.

9. © 2012 NetDispatcher© 2012 NetDispatcher That concludes this tutorial. Have a wonderful day! THANK YOU!

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