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Published on March 11, 2009

Author: jimmy71


Design : Design Objectives : Objectives Contrast the Design phase with the Analysis phase of the SAT process. State how job and task analysis data are used when designing instruction. Differentiate among the three components of a training objective: behavior, conditions, and standard. Given training objectives, classify them according to learning domains and levels. Objectives : Given a set of training objectives for an instructional unit, sequence the objectives in a manner that will enable the trainee to progress logically through the enablers toward the terminal. Given training objectives, determine instructional settings and evaluative strategies. Identify the purpose and characteristics of cognitive tests. Objectives Objectives : Differentiate among the types of test items developed to evaluate cognitive objectives. Given a learning objective, develop test items to match the objective. Identify the components of evaluation instruments for performance objectives. List common products of the Design phase. Objectives Traditional Design : Traditional Design Topics Instructional Materials—Handouts, Lesson Plans, PowerPoints Evaluation Instruments--Tests Inputs and Outputs : Inputs and Outputs Design Sequenced Learning Objectives Training Settings and Evaluation Methods Program Guide and Training Matrix Evaluation Items Analysis Data From Analysis to Design : From Analysis to Design Job and Task Analysis Data Learning Objectives Task Elements KSAs Task or Terminal Obj. Learning Objectives Slide 9: Objectives are what you want to evaluate. Slide 10: The behavior is measurable and often observable. Slide 11: A condition is what you either give or take away. Slide 12: Standards set the bar for performance. Slide 13: Without the use of a calculator, add 2 + 2 correctly. Slide 14: Without the use of a calculator, add 2 + 2 correctly. Slide 15: Add 2 + 2. Slide 16: What is Learning? Slide 17: Is Homer learning? Slide 18: “A relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs as a result of acquiring information, skills, or attitudes from or through an experience” Slide 19: Benjamin Bloom and The Domains of Learning The Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, 1956 Slide 20: Cognitive Psychomotor Affective Slide 22: Knowing Feeling Will-to-Action --Aristotle Slide 23: Cognitive Domain Slide 24: Psychomotor Domain Slide 25: Affective Domain Name that Domain! : Name that Domain! Name that Domain! : Name that Domain! Name that Domain! : Name that Domain! Slide 31: Sequencing Objectives How will the student best learn the material? : How will the student best learn the material? Slide 34: Learning Settings Evaluating Student Achievement : Evaluating Student Achievement

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