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Published on October 16, 2018

Author: bhctraining


slide 1: Substance Abuse Training Online Learning is something that one does throughout his or her life. This is true especially for the people who work as counselors for people suffering from addiction. We provide substance abuse cues for counselors In order to help them stay in touch with the newest methods of counseling. De-addiction centers are prevalent these days. They have become common due to the various recreational drugs available in the market. People especially teenagers are moving towards the use of these recreational drugs and because these drugs are extremely addictive and harmful these people and their family suffer. In order to get rid of the addiction many counselors dealing with addiction and de-addiction centers have spawned all over the world. What does Substance abuse cues for counselors offer We offer several courses and a set of books that are arranged in a specific order to meet your needs. The ways to deal with substance abuse training online is provided by us along with video lectures. The way we segregate courses on the basis of demands of the individual or the company taking our Online Continuing Education Training for Counselors What do I need for Substance abuse training online We provide video lectures which require regular internet service. In certain parts of USA this can be a cause for concern as the internet access is limited whereas there are a few areas which have very high traffic of users and video streaming can be troublesome. If you wish to continue addiction education online then you need a stable internet connection. What does Online Continuing Education Training for Counselors costs When it comes to the cost of the program it varies. The higher the number of people taking this courses together the better. A person or 10 people enrolled for 12 months would need to pay 150 but for 251+ users it drops down to 30 only. Depending on the size of the group the cost varies and you can check the costing portal to know the cost as per the group. Addiction Continuing Education potential The heights that you can reach with the help of these courses are limitless. It basically depends on the type of business that you are currently in and the location. So truthfully speaking it is not possible to tell you exactly how much benefit you will have after completing this course but it will definitely contribute to your work. Contact us : BHC Training LLC PO Box 28264 slide 2: Austin Texas 78755-8264

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