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Information about add-integers[1]

Published on June 6, 2008

Author: hiratufail


Slide 1: Adding Integers Created By: Jennifer Campbell Slide 2: The Rules for adding integers are as follows: If the numbers have the same signs, add them and keep that sign. 2. If they have opposite signs, subtract and take the sign of the larger number. Slide 3: Click on the correct answer. Slide 4: [1] 7 + (-2) [A] 9 [B] 5 [C] -5 Slide 5: Oops! Try again!! Slide 6: You are correct, you Dangerous Mathematician!!!! Slide 7: [2] 3 + (-3) [A] 0 [B] -6 [C] 6 Slide 8: Oops! Try again!! Slide 9: You are correct, you Dangerous Mathematician!!!! Slide 10: [3] –10 + 2 [A] 8 [B] -8 [C] 12 Slide 11: Oops! Try again!! Slide 12: You are correct, you Dangerous Mathematician!!!! Slide 13: [4] 5 + (-9) [A] -13 [B] 4 [C] - 4 Slide 14: Oops! Try again!! Slide 15: You are correct, you Dangerous Mathematician!!!! Slide 16: [5] –12 + (-7) [A] -19 [B] 19 [C] - 5 Slide 17: Oops! Try again!! Slide 18: You are correct, you Dangerous Mathematician!!!! Slide 19: If you study tonight, the quiz should be a B R E E Z E

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