Adam Howitt, Using Google Tools to Optimize Content for Business Results

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Information about Adam Howitt, Using Google Tools to Optimize Content for Business Results

Published on June 20, 2007

Author: webcontent2007


Google Technology for Better Content By Adam Howitt content design & access tools & technologies content development & management

Overview Build a site around a goal Measure the results Tweak your content Understand conversions Drive more traffic to your site

Pick a Goal Event Registrations – sign up Leads – register Sales – buy something Readership – subscribe Be more specific – Don’t just buy something, buy this • Most profitable or • Underdeveloped

Build a Site Quickly – launch fast and learn fast 80% perfect Goal driven content Omit anything not driving the goal Your site can always improve

Garden Metaphor Start barren Plant seeds Constant care Things die Things get moved Things just don’t work

Main Street Store Goal 1 – Get them inside – Catchy Window Goal 2 – Get them to buy something specific – Avoid Distractions – Shelf placement and signage Goal 3 – Get them to buy more items – Carefully position related items Goal 4 – Get them to come back – Coupons, mailing list

Website Equivalent Goal 1 – Get them inside – Landing pages in Google – Should communicate end goal Goal 2 – Get them to buy something specific – Easy next step for the goal • Prominent • Eye catching Online is • Scannable • Desirable Like Offline Goal 3 – Get them to buy more items – Give them a next step after the goal • Turn thank you into please continue Goal 4 – Get them to come back – Get them to subscribe • Coupons, mailing list, fresh content

Measure your Goal – Google Analytics Demo of Google Analytics Demo of Page Views Demo of E-commerce Demo of Drilldown Demo of Funnels

Google Analytics Dashboard

Top Content

Ecommerce Overview


Measure Your Goal Funnels Predict the path to the goal Make predictions and quantify Compare goal paths vs. actual Look for patterns Look for peaks Drilldown – understand your peaks

Tweak Establish your baseline Create a target zone Brainstorm ways to convert lows to highs Think about product manufacturers – Produce several variants – Run focus groups – Review feedback and numbers – Optionally refine – Launch

What if you could… Produce candidate copy Run focus groups with some of your traffic Review the results Identify the best candidate Launch the winner

Google Website Optimizer Design your experiment Set a goal How much traffic to test Prepare candidate copy Identify a winner

How Optimizer Works X % of your traffic see the experiment Measures conversions of each combo – How many impressions – How many conversions – Conversions deviation Initially distributes combos evenly As leaders emerge traffic is weighted Google declares a winner Original copy can sometimes win!

Create an Experiment

Create experiment

Add Code to Pages

Is it there yet?

Create Variations

Review Settings and Launch

Experiment Results

Testing Notes Test one thing at a time A/B testing minimizes external influences – Publicity, campaigns, seasons Only A/B testers count to experiment result

Refine Make the change Monitor the results Did you reach your target? – Yes – Set a new one and design a new experiment – No – Create a new experiment OR new candidates

Review your Handout Pick a page on your website Think about the content What would you like to change? Does anyone have an example we can review together?

What to Test? Images – demographic, color balance Text – tone, audience, pace, length, emphasis Colors (text, buttons, backgrounds) Position of page elements Navigation Fonts – spacing, flow, words per line Promotions Pricing Limiting distractions

So you Understand Conversions Establish a value for your goal – Use profit after costs e.g. $100 Calculate visitors per conversion – 10% conversion rate = 10 visitors If I spend $100 for 10 visitors I break even – Less than $100 for 10 I make money – Max cost per visitor should be $10

Google AdWords Sign up for free Run your campaign Choose your max pay per Monitor conversions click Run candidate ads Set a daily budget Refine market Design an ad Refine ads Pick a market Refine price per click – Keywords – Sites – Geo-location

Summary Build a site around a goal Measure the results Tweak your content Understand conversions Now it is time to drive more traffic to your site

References Google Analytics, Mary E. Tyler & Jerri Ledford – ISBN: 0470053852 Google Analytics – Google Adwords and Optimizer – WalkJogRun running site –

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