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Published on November 18, 2019

Author: alvinwalker002


slide 1: AD0-E303 Adobe Campaign Classic Architect slide 2: Find some of the best deals on Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Exam dumps on Dumpspedia. Passing Adobe Campaign is now very easy just buy our AD0-E303 Exam Practice questions and guarantee your success 100. We have made certain our AD0-E303 Practice Questions are perfect by testing them with a team of Professional Experts. Also considering your convenience we have prepared AD0- E303 Exam PDF Questions in a format that is both easily downloadable and printable. AD0-E303 Questions and Answers slide 3: AD0-E303 Questions and Answers slide 4: AD0-E303 Questions and Answers slide 5: AD0-E303 Questions and Answers slide 6: AD0-E303 Questions and Answers slide 7: Question NO 1 A client is concerned because workflow inside a campaign do not start after clicking the Start button. Instead they go to ‘’ Start as soon as Possible’’ state and never run. What is the case A. NmsDelivery_MaxRetry is set too low. B. Campaign Jobs technical workflow has stopped or paused. C. MTA process is not running D. NmsOperation_LimitConcurrency is set too low. Answer: A slide 8: Question NO 2 A client wants to send 40.000 transactional messages per day and 50 million emails month for a marketing campaign. Which architecture option would you recommend for this scenario A. Standard architecture B. Power Cluster C. Hybrid architecture D. Power Booster Answer: C slide 9: Question NO 3 A client is reporting that message are taking too long to send. Upon logging in you discover all activity in the environment is unusually slow. What could be a cause A. Adobe campaign software needs to be upgraded. B. Database hardware wad undersized. C. Adobe Campaign server hardware was undersized. D. Messages being sent through MTA exceed 100KB threshold. Answer: A slide 10: Question NO 4 What is the different between a solution design document and an Adobe campaign playbook A. A solution design document describes the design and implementation of a solution while a playbook describes how to operate it. B. A solution design document contains a guide to marketing activities while a playbook includes technical information. C. A solution design document contains high level architectural content but a Campaign playbook goes into a lot more detail. D. A playbook contains the same information as a solution design document except it is written in a way to be more client friendly Answer: B slide 11: Question NO 5 What are the three security that can be set up for an operator A. Open Restricted and LAN B. Admin Internal and User C. Publish Restricted and Local D. Internet VPN and VLAN Answer: C slide 12: Question NO 6 During the initial project scoping phase you have recommended the following environments. 1. Development 2. Integration 3. Staging 4. production slide 13: Your client is pushing back on the number of environment that you have recommend for the overall solution What would be the most significant impact of reducing the number of environments in this list A. Without an operational staging environment you cannot accurately validate the impact that a new release will have on production. B. Without a staging environment your client teams do not have anywhere to perform training tasks on. C. Without a staging environment your client teams do not have anywhere to perform training tasks on. D. Without an integration environment you cannot test the solution in the enterprise Answer: B slide 14: Question NO 7 Which aspects of the client infrastructure should be evaluated prior to installing Adobe Campaign Classic on premise Choose the two correct answers. A. Required TCP ports are open B. Network bandwidth C. Authentication model D. Operating system of the database server E. Capacity of the company’s messaging server Answer: C E slide 15: Question NO 8 For successful implementation of a multi-phase project what architectural consideration must be address in the first phase of the project A. All direct marketing channels. B. Data partitioning or multi-tenancy C. Connectors to CRM systems D. Transactional messaging infrastructure Answer: B slide 16: Question NO 9 What should be configured to ensure email deliverability Choose the two correct answers. A. ISP whitelisting sender email domain B. Bounce mail qualification hard and soft bounces C. SpamAssassin spam level subject check D. Authentication SPF DKIM DMARC E. Email optimization feedback loop List-Unsubscribe SMTP header Answer: D E slide 17: Question NO 10 Which practices have a negative impact on Adobe Campaign Classic performance Choose the three correct answers. A. Scheduling a workflow to run more frequently than every 15 minutes. B. Leaving workflows in a paused state. C. Using the STOP activity more than once in each workflow. D. Having more than 25 operators log in at the same time to one environment. E. Using the ‘keep Interim results ‘’ option in workflow properties F. Keeping deliveries after their emails are sent Answer: B D slide 18: AD0-E303 Questions and Answers slide 19: AD0-E303 Questions and Answers slide 20: AD0-E303 Questions and Answers slide 21: AD0-E303 Questions and Answers slide 22:

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