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Published on May 7, 2008

Author: jerobins



Perhaps you started a blog but have found that you don't have the time to commit to writing articles of substantive length. Or, you already use a variety of web-based tools and could benefit from an aggregated (and searchable) view of the data input or collected by those tools. An activity stream may be just the thing to provide the balance of time and value (to you and others).

An activity stream is more like a scrapbook than a journal. The variety of tools available today allow you to slice and dice your online "scrapbook" to create a web site or simply a feed to which others can subscribe.

Activity Streams Putting Narcissism to Work for YOU! James E. Robinson, III 4.30.2008

Self aggregating your online activities to communicate, educate, stimulate, network and socialize. -- James E. Robinson, III, circa last week

Eh? Best to just show an example...

FriendFeed • personal information aggregator • aggregates feeds provided by other services that YOU use • provides a feed about YOU for others!

Lotsa Services

(switch to the browser, silly)

Additional Self Promotion Opportunities • FriendFeed (demo) • Pownce • Spokeo • MyBlogLog • OneSwirl

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