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Published on September 30, 2015

Author: NaazSheikh


1. Activity 1: Interpreting body language

2. What message are they conveying?

3. What message are they conveying? Hands in the air in despair Frowning Sad eyes “I’m stressed and angry”

4. What message are they conveying?

5. What message are they conveying? Smiling Thumbs up “I’m happy and things are good”

6. What message are they conveying?

7. What message are they conveying? Staring down at the girl Frowning with anger Hand pointing No smile Head and eyes down Mouth slightly down turned Arms crossed in defence “I’m annoyed” “I’m in trouble”

8. What message are they conveying?

9. What message are they conveying? Crying Squinting eyes Lips up turned “I’m upset”

10. What message are they conveying?

11. What message are they conveying? Eyes looking away Finger on face “I’m thinking”

12. Are they doing and saying the same thing? “I’m finding this really interesting!” “I’m fine – I’m really happy!”

13. Are they doing and saying the same thing? “I’m really sorry I beat you. I feel really bad!”

14. Verbal and non-verbal communication  Verbal communication is the things we say.  Non-verbal communication is the things we don’t say, but communicate through our body language.  Both verbal and non-verbal communication are important and can say different things.  It is important we are aware of our own and others verbal and non-verbal communication.

15. Why is it important to be aware of your verbal and non-verbal communication when going for a job interview?

16. Job interview  Your CV and covering letter can secure you with a job interview, but your non-verbal communication can let you down on the day if you aren’t aware of what messages your body language is portraying.  For example, if you are saying you are confident, then your body language needs to say the same thing.

17. Job interview  What would the following body language communicate to a interviewer:  Crossed arms  Frowning face  Looking at the floor  Dressed in scruffy clothes  Tapping foot  Do you think this body language would help someone to secure a job?

18.  Remember, first impressions count and an interviewers decision will be largely be influenced by ‘what you don’t say’.  So make sure you polish your non- verbal presentation as much as your verbal.

19. Tips on Body Language  Body language that could help to achieve this is:  Open body language e.g. arms open and facing forwards  Smiling  Professional appearance  Eye contact  Nodding to acknowledge listening


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