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Information about Active v. Passive Learners

Published on October 29, 2009

Author: chad.spivey


Active Learning vs. Passive Learning : By Chad Spivey LTCY 199 Active Learning vs. Passive Learning . : Passive Learning . Active Learning Similarities and Differences : Similarities and Differences Passive Learners Role of the instructor Role of the student Testing and study habits Classroom behavior Personal Goals Active Learners Role of the instructor Role of the student Testing and study habits Classroom behavior Personal Goals Role of the Instructor : Role of the Instructor Passive Learning Teacher directed lessons Lecture Expert on subject Active Learning Self directed lessons Facilitates and guides Developer of knowledge Role of the Student : Role of the Student Passive Learner Remember Note-Taker Absorb knowledge Regurgitate information Active learner Think Discover Construct knowledge Retain Information Collaborate Respond Participate Experience Make life connections Testing and Study Habits : Testing and Study Habits Passive Learner Memorize Recall Regurgitate Active Learner Restructuring Make Connections Monitor own learning Deeply caring about learning Classroom Behavior : Classroom Behavior Passive Learner Controlled by instructor Discipline Charts Additional Assignments Busy Work Off task Active Learner Controlled by Setting Reinforcing classroom rules and expectations Engaged Focused Interaction with group members Personal Goals : Personal Goals Passive Learners Does not have the opportunity to take charge of learning Three types of learners Student who works hard to do well Student who does just enough to get by Student who could care less Active Learners Takes charge of learning Self-motivated Self-directed Quiz : Quiz “What I hear, I forget!”“What I see, I remember!”“What I do, I understand!”~Anonymous~ : “What I hear, I forget!”“What I see, I remember!”“What I do, I understand!”~Anonymous~ References : Kimonen E., Nevalainen, R. (2005). Active learning in the process of educational change. Teaching and Teacher Education, (21), 623-635. McManus, D. (2001) Active vs. passive learning. Retrieved from lpc/hanna/learning/activevspassive.htm Tomlinson, C. (2001). How to differentiate instruction in mixed ability classrooms. United States of America: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. References

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