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Information about Active Suspension System

Published on September 18, 2011

Author: ramdas007



Active Suspension System: Active Suspension System Presented by Jobin Jacob Suspension Systems: Suspension Systems Conventional suspension system Active suspension system Parameters that can be improved: Parameters that can be improved Ride Control Height Control Roll Control Dive Control Squat Control Slide 4: COMPONENTS A Computer or an electronic control unit (ECU) Sensors Actuator or Servo Adjustable shocks and springs Slide 6: Sensors And Controller Functions of Active Suspension : Functions of Active Suspension Improves driver control, safety and stability, with or without a load . Eliminates sway and reduces roll on corners Reduces axle wrap Maximum safety Absorbs load, rather than resisting it, thereby ensuring a much more comfortable ride Eliminates the need for fitting extra blades which harden the ride Better handling and control in windy and rough road conditions Minimize wear on tires, shocks, shackles and leaf springs Slide 8: Roll on Corners Slide 10: DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT Active suspension mimics the functions of the human body : Active suspension mimics the functions of the human body The sensors are nerve ends The Electronic Control Unit represents our mind Wires connecting the whole thing are the central nervous system The servos and actuators resemble the muso-skelatel portion . Slide 13: Example Mercedes CL coupe Slide 14: Draw-backs Need for a large external power source Complex control algorithms Complex closed-loop control systems. Requirement of fast-acting devices Increased cost Conclusion: Conclusion In the case of active suspension system, as in any other innovations of automotive technology, today's innovation is tomorrow's standard feature. Inspite of its high initial cost, let us expect to see them in the Indian roads soon. The trickle-down effect will take some time, but it'll happen and when such a time comes we can expect much lesser accidents, less fatalities and more comfort in driving the roads.

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